BrandShiseido Japan Co., Ltd.
CategoryA03. Video / Moving Image
Idea Creation SHISEIDO Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation 2 BBMEDIA Tokyo, JAPAN
Media Placement METRO AD AGENCY Tokyo, JAPAN
Production BBMEDIA Tokyo, JAPAN
Additional Company FREAKOUT HOLDINGS, INC. Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Masato Kosukegawa Shiseido Co., Ltd. Creative Director
Tomoaki Yamura Shiseido Co., Ltd. WEB Director
Hisashi Narita Shiseido Co., Ltd. Art Director
Shoko Tanaka Shiseido Co., Ltd. Copywriter
Masato Yoshikawa BBmedia Inc. Executive Producer
Rei Sato BBmedia Inc. Producer
Nana Otoi BBmedia Inc. Producer
Ayuka Miyamoto BBmedia Inc. Production Manager
Hanako Hirokawa BBmedia Inc. Production Assistant
Satomi Takahashi BBmedia Inc. Director
Misato Oka BBmedia Inc. Motion Graphics Designer
Misa Matsukawa BBmedia Inc. Art Director
Yukiyo Yasutake BBmedia Inc. Designer
Kentaro Nakano BBmedia Inc. Technical Engineer
Anzu Yoshida BBmedia Inc. Digital Director
Tatsuya Inoue Metro Ad Agency Co., Ltd Business Development
Misa Nakagawa FreakOut Holdings, inc. Communication Designer
Tomomi Takahashi FreakOut Holdings, inc. Planner
Masashi Sasaki Freelance Cinematographer
Kazuya Takahashi DIGITAL GARDEN INC. CG Producer
Yuki Yamada DIGITAL GARDEN INC. CG Designer

The Campaign

We created a magical museum in an underground walkway, frequently used by our target audience. We used 4 sides of a pillar-shaped signage to create an illusion that the products were floating in a showcase of a museum. The brand’s storyteller, the “Majolica Bird” would fly through the different pillars to lead the targets through all the products on display. The target would receive a QR code that connected to a message, creating a personal connection between the target and the brand.

Creative Execution

We knew from preliminary research that the package design of the products was very well received from our target audience. In order to put emphasis on the brand’s strength of package design, we used a 4 surface digital signage to play different videos of different angles of a single product on each surface. By connecting the 4 surfaces together, we made it so that it looked as though the products were floating inside a pillar, much like trick art. The brand’s storyteller, the “Majolica Bird” flew through the pillars, as if it was leading the way for the target. After the “Majolica Bird” flew through the pillars, it gave the target a digital letter with a QR code. By reading the QR code with the smartphone, it gave out a personalized fortune telling. Because of the exclusive “you have to be there” experience, the activation was shared through social media by the target audience of teenage girls. It took a total of 4 months, from planning to production, to execute.


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