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The Campaign

As an industry first, “the Green Parents Data Farm” is our idea to “grow” data by content. The goal of is to segregate upscale mums according to interest level over organic products, assuming they will seek information at different depth: Group1 – Organic Veterans: Rationalized their choice with facts. Deep-diving into scientific aspect of “being organic”, reasons-to-believe and credibility of EU Certificates Group2 - Audiences indicated some interest over organic products: Focused on product benefits, explained merits of an organic lifestyle to the next generation with easy-to-digest parental information Group3 - Audiences who haven’t indicated any interest in organic products: Provided leisure content depicted an organic lifestyle in fun way to entice audiences finding out more. With the right content and digital products, we could make them self-identify and expand groups using look-a-like tactics, with ultimate goal to go out of existing data pool, reaching out new prospects using right content.

Creative Execution

Only with quality seeds could data farming be successful. Partnering with Yahoo, world’s biggest content creation hub with data intelligence, we created HK’s first information hub of organic milk powder across their premium portals, including lifestyle blog “Better Me”, “Yahoo Travel” & Parental Portal “Mami Buy. Based on the context of each platform, we customized contents for respective groups, according to our strategy. To begin, we reached out to our existing data pool of premium mums via Facebook, CRM database and Yahoo’s premium inventories, driving visitation to our content hub. With retargeting, we exposed different content to the same audience and by their level of engagement, we could segregate the audience pool into our pre-defined groups. Using programmatic look-alike, we could go out of existing data pool to drive new prospect to our content hub, eventually back to e-shop with display and videos Ads. Correlating spending with conversion, we optimized the budget for the level of content exposure, eyed a higher ROI. But the journey doesn’t end here. As a media first, we created a VIABLE CHATBOT ON COMMON BANNER SPACE. With a specific focus targeting lapsed users of e-shop, we wanted to actively provide information that answer doubts in consumer’s mind. On the chat bot, users can obtain credible information and promotional offer in REAL time, not only engaged them with an improved brand experience but also gave us a chance to provide tactical offers at a receptive moment. Ultimately the user data will enrich our data pool, ensuring we were effectively talking to each prospect.


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