Product / ServiceART FAIR TOKYO 2017
CategoryA04. Image Design
Idea Creation DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production BLUE PRINT INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 2 TONGULLMAN Osaka, JAPAN
Production 3 TYO Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 4 BLAST INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 5 IMG SRC Tokyo, JAPAN
Additional Company DENTSU LIVE INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Additional Company 2 AMANA Tokyo, JAPAN
Additional Company 3 AMANA Tokyo, JAPAN
Additional Company 4 HANABI Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Kazuyoshi Ochi DENTSU INC. Creative Director
Shimpei Murata DENTSU INC. Copywriter
Takato Akiyama DENTSU INC. Planner
Kenji Ozaki DENTSU LIVE INC. Planner
Ryoya Sugano DENTSU INC. Creative Technologist
Naomi Okamura DENTSU INC. Art Director
Momoko Yamaguchi BLUE PRINT Inc. Technical Adviser
Shuwa Kawamura Tongullman Inc. application development main director
Hiroyuki Mizuno Tongullman Inc. application development producer
Nobuhiro Kobayashi Tongullman Inc. application development director
Iwamoto Tomo Tongullman Inc. software developer
Naoyuki Hirohashi Tongullman Inc. software development lead
Takuya Ando Freelance Engineer
Kosuke Takahashi DENTSU INC. Creative Technologist
Shintaro Murakami DENTSU INC. Creative Technologist
Yuya Takahashi BLAST Inc. Modeler
Keita Sugiyama BLAST Inc. Modeler
Yusuke Koike IMG SRC inc. 3D Director
Keishu Nakajima IMG SRC inc. Technical Director
Ryota Yamamoto FJ Co.,Ltd Coordinator
Misa Murayasu amana inc. Photo Producer
Kenji Hashimoto amana inc. Photo Producer
Takao Nagase amana inc. Photographer
Makiko Nozoe amana images inc. Rights Managed
Tatsuhiro Ishikawa TYO drive inc. Film Producer
Shuhei Yamada HANABI inc. Film Director
yahyel yahyel Music

The Campaign

Almost all “Venus’s” around the world are naked. Especially the Venus painted by William Bouguereau, she has been standing undressed for around 100 years. We then thought that we could make the naked Venus’ beauty stand out by giving her a dress. This was a new challenge, expanding the possibility of art by combining technology to classical art.

Creative Execution

Within the 2D surface, there were limits to create a “haute couture” for the Venus. The best solution was to convert her into a 3D model and “draw” the dress directly on her. Fashion designer Junko Koshino designed a dress three-dimensionally with VR. We realized a Venus clothed in an original dress with projection-based AR. We also incorporated the dress into the painting’s atmosphere, using a machine learning program trained to replicate the touch and style of Bouguereau. By presenting this work at Japan’s largest international art trade show, ‘Art Fair Tokyo’, many media picked this topic up. Venus has now earned a new beauty, thus, expanding the possibilities of art. [Bringing Venus to life: From Painting to 3D] We created a 3D statue of Venus in a virtual room, which enabled us to visually examine Venus’s body line and design the dress three-dimensionally. [Drawing the Dress in VR] Then we “drew” the dress directly on Venus’s 3D statue, using Google’s VR drawing tool “Tilt Brush”.  [Dressing a 3D statue] The dress was projected onto the statue of Venus using a three-dimensional projection technique called “pepper ghost”, so that it could be seen from 360-degrees. [Fixing the dress with AI to match the painting's atmosphere] Our AI machine-learned Bouguereau’s painting techniques then created a graphical filter that could replicate Bouguereau’s touches, and compose the newly drawn dress to the original painting without discomfort.


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