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Product / ServiceRUNNING
CategoryD02. Data Storytelling
EntrantAKQA Shanghai, CHINA
Idea Creation AKQA Shanghai, CHINA
Production AKQA Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Eric Cruz AKQA Executive Creative Director
Derek Lui AKQA Associate Creative Director
Joshua Lim AKQA Senior Art Director
Dominic Tang AKQA Senior Art Director
Nana Shao AKQA Copy Writer
Edward Yap AKQA Designer
Chen Chen AKQA Designer
Pete Gibson AKQA Project Manager
Neil Nand AKQA Technology Director
Ethan Chiu AKQA Senior Creative Developer
Stefan Hawes AKQA Client Partner
Xu Zi AKQA Senior Account Director
Charlene Zhou AKQA Account Manager
Driv Loo AKQA Artist / Illustrator
Stephen Lau AKQA Artist / Illustrator
Teh Lian Siah AKQA Artist / Illustrator
Tan Shi Bin FNLPRJCT Motion Artist / Illustrator
Jim Chuah FNLPRJCT Motion Artist / Illustrator
Wuzheng Sim FNLPRJCT Motion Artist / Illustrator
Kenix Ho FNLPRJCT Motion Artist / Illustrator
Yong Chen Kuan FNLPRJCT Motion Artist / Illustrator
Chen Tzer Ming FNLPRJCT Motion Artist / Illustrator
Chow Chin Sien FNLPRJCT Motion Artist / Illustrator
Kieran Kuek The Rec Room Music Composer
Jashir bin Junaidi The Rec Room Sound Engineer
Siew Kim Foong The Rec Room Producer

The Campaign

At the moment of victory, Nike wanted to remind Shanghai Marathon runners that this was more than a race. More than months of training. More than a commitment made to yourself months ago. You ran your own story. The emotional journey of a marathon racer was found within their Nike+ data. The miles and minutes logged from training to their victory was shaped into a story, broken into 13 key moments. Nike surprised them with this personalized story at the finish line. My Sole Story, an H5 mobile film powered by your Nike+ data, retracing every stage of emotion throughout your running journey, all told from the sole of your shoes.

Creative Execution

Racers scanned a QR code at the Shanghai Marathon finish line to personalize My Sole Story. The site combined animation with Nike+ data points, including their miles trained day and night, their finish time, as well as a photo celebrating victory with their shoes. All packaged into a digital experience that was shareable to their friends on WeChat, China’s biggest social network. 30,000 racers relived their run, with 2,500 films created in just 24 hours. Conversion rate to was 8.3%, +20% more than the average Nike activation. My Sole Story lives on as a storytelling platform for future races around China.


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