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BrandKomatsu Spring Industrial Co., Ltd. / Asaiseisakusyo.Co.Ltd. / Shin Ei Industry
Product / ServiceSMES IN JAPAN
CategoryA05. Music / Sound Design
Idea Creation DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Rintaro Shimohama DENTSU INC. Art Director/Film Director/Planner
Toshihide Kimura DENTSU INC. Sound Director/Copywriter
Masanori Sakamoto DELTRO INC. Art Director/Planner/Designer(Web)
Ken Murayama DELTRO INC. Front-End Engineer´╝łWeb)
Yuki Shintani DENTSU INC. Copywriter
Ryosuke Sone DENTSU CREATIVE X INC. Film Director
Keisuke Inoue Freelance Cameraman/Photographer
dosei Freelance Cameraman/Photographer
Daisuke Serita Freelance Assistant Photographer
Mamoru Asami Komatsu Spring Industrial Co., Ltd. Cameraman
DJ TASAKA Freelance Music Composer
Dorian Freelance Music Composer
DJ Gonno Freelance Music Composer
Cherryboy Function Freelance Music Composer
Sountrive Freelance Music Composer
Inner Science Freelance Music Composer
Naoya Tokunou Freelance Sound Engineer
Shogo Yano DELTRO INC. Front-End Engineer(Web)
Takumi Abe DELTRO INC. Production Assistant(Web)
Masafumi Fujioka DENTSU CREATIVE X INC. Producer
Ryotaro Omori DENTSU CREATIVE X INC. Production Manager
Wataru Kitamoto DENTSU CREATIVE X INC. Production Manager
Daisuke Sugawara Freelance Trailer Director
Yasuharu Sasaki DENTSU INC. Creative Officer
Hirozumi Takakusaki DENTSU INC. Creative Officer
Hidetoshi Kuranari DENTSU INC. Creative Officer
Hajime Yakushiji DENTSU INC. Researcher
Dan Ushikubo DENTSU INC. Researcher
Masato Otsubo YUKI Precision Co., Ltd. Adviser

The Campaign

We took a process usually performed by a record label and made music videos with images and sounds taken in the factories. We reduce the cost by keeping motivation of creaters to participate in the project high by uniqueness and social values of our project.

Creative Execution

Before a week of the launch, we started to send releases to media to promote our label. We informed the day of launch to musicians and asked them for promoting. A few hours after the launch, some music media started publish news abour our label. 2 days after launch, interviews with the presidents of the factories and performance by musicians were featured on a popular live streaming website. It boosted spread the information of our label.


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