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The Campaign

Sports performance brands are all about “higher, stronger, and farther.” Whether they say “just do it,” or otherwise. These messages are meant to inspire. But, do they? Or do they sometimes conjure more stress to people who already feel so much pressure to perform in their everyday lives?   This learning led to an insight about sports un-articulated by the brand: That, in this frenetic, always on world - doing sports helps clear the find and give it focus. This gave the adidas brand the unique opportunity to celebrate the peace of mind they need to get back into the game – be it a game of sport, or the game of life. Therefore, we came up with the big idea for this campaign which is “FIND YOUR FOCUS”.

Creative Execution

“Find Focus”.   The white hoodie of Z.N.E collection was made as the key visual component of the campaign to emphasize the message. We choose to place thirteen mannequins with the white Z.N.E hoodie outside the flagship store on Huaihai Rd.   To adapt the sharing habit of consumer behaviour, we told a story that our thirteenth mannequin was missing and ask for help on social platforms. This interests people to share the fun story and clues they found for the missing mannequin Finally, we bring consumers from online back to offline by spreading the news that the missing mannequin has been returned to Adidas store. This generates the crowd to an in store experience of finding focus.

TEN TIMES the average weekly sales volume of a single Z.N.E hoodie sku was achieved (Data provided by client, period: Sep 11th -17th), exceeding our target. On the day when the missing mannequin returned, store traffic reached 5057, 2.17 TIMES of the average daily traffic at adidas flagship store. According to the sales manager, we ran out on sizes within four days. Online, campaign hashtag #FindFocus# received 240M reads and 960K comments, ten times growth in reads compared to previous brand-level campaign. Mobile engagement, 5 TIMES exceeding benchmark, showing increased brand interest.

We are talking to consumers of 18-26 years old. They are a group of young people who are always the first to embrace trendy things and welcome diversity. Also, our target audience are exposed to excessive information and noise which brings growing pressure in their everyday life. Z.N.E is a whole new collection designed to keep out ambient noise and help players find focus by using advanced fibre technology. Adidas wants consumers to be part of the communication to actually understand how our product helps them improve performance on court. So our core strategy is to device a seamless three-stage offline to online to offline journey that converts social buzz to sales.


Name Company Position
Nicole Ma BBDO and Proximity China Executive Creative Director
JieJie Huang BBDO and Proximity China Creative Director
Patrick Tao BBDO and Proximity China Art Director
Jennifer Wang BBDO and Proximity China Copywriter
Sam Shan BBDO and Proximity China Associate Creative Director
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