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Product / ServiceYAHOO!
CategoryA02. Digital Illustration
Idea Creation BIRDMAN Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation 3 JH KAGAKU Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation 4 TEEMA Tokyo, JAPAN
Production BIRDMAN Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 2 JH KAGAKU Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 3 TEEMA Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Shinya Uchida Yahoo! JAPAN Creative Director
Jun Watanabe Yahoo! JAPAN Creative Director
Kei Terazono Yahoo! JAPAN Creative Director
Yoko Okazaki TEEMA Concept Planner
Takuro Ito BIRDMAN INC. Director
Haruka Yokokawa BIRDMAN INC. Project Manager
Yoko Wake Yahoo! JAPAN PR
Maho Okamoto BIRDMAN INC. Copywriter
Naoya Oka Yahoo! JAPAN Art Director/ Designer
Ryotaro Nakano BIRDMAN INC. Art Director/ Designer
Toshiki Kitaguchi Yahoo! JAPAN Technical Director/ Front-End Engineer
Shudai Matsumoto BIRDMAN INC. Technical Director/ Front-End Engineer
Kyohei Yamano BIRDMAN INC. Front-End Engineer
Kana Fujisaki BIRDMAN INC. Front-End Engineer
Shunpei Torii BIRDMAN INC. Front-End Engineer
Masanori Nagamura BIRDMAN INC. Back-End Engineer
Yuta Yamada BIRDMAN INC. CG & Motion Designer
Aya Takamatsu BIRDMAN INC. CG & Motion Designer
John Hathway JH Kagaku Artist/ Illustrator
Yuzuki Fukutake JH Kagaku Assistant
Shota Murakami JH Kagaku Assistant
Kohsuke Abe Freelance Illustrator
Aina Ishikawa Freelance Illustrator
Kiritani Freelance Illustrator
Suiran Freelance Illustrator
Hisahito Freelance Illustrator
Hotate Freelance Illustrator
Miyazaki Freelance Illustrator
Anju Yugo Freelance Illustrator
Katsuya Fujisaki Yahoo! JAPAN Project Manager

The Campaign

The challenge was to create a website that celebrated Yahoo! JAPAN 's 21st anniversary and the Internet by presenting their histories in an enjoyable way while still being informative and educational. Younger generations are often oblivious to the Internet before Instagram or Facebook. In order to gain their interest, we collaborated with artist John Hathway, whose illustration style embodies the global anime phenomenon. We compiled 1390 events into one long illustration to provide a smartphone friendly UX. Each illustrated event was then made clickable for users to be able to share them on their social media platforms.

Creative Execution

In the first three months, we meticulously researched the history of the Internet along with a team of experts. On the illustration side, we collaborated with John Hathway and his team to create an overall outline, followed by some rough sketches for the individual 1390 events. These were done in both physical and digital scales. This was followed by more detailed illustrations, then finally adding color and finishing touches. The illustrations were meticulously animated by our tech team, and turned into an interactive website where users could click on events to view more information and share them on social media. At the same time, we created 4 different versions of the website so that all users could visit the website (low and high resolution for smartphones, PC and Mac compatible versions).The process in all took 8 months for completion.


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