Product / ServiceTASTECH ENGINE
CategoryD02. Data Storytelling
Idea Creation HAKUHODO INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production NON-GRID Tokyo, JAPAN

The Campaign

Your preference for food changes with timing and your emotion. And it is difficult to search what you really want to eat from vast amounts of information of recipe or restaurant site because many of them you have not eaten yet. So, we create "TASTECH ENGINE" which estimates your real-time taste preferences using big data.

Creative Execution

We analyze the 100 million records of browser data focused on recipes and other food sites, and create "TASTECH ENGINE" which estimates your real-time taste preferences “right now” using big data. We introduced TASTECH ENGINE on a juice bar's website.When a user access the site, their most recent recipe site browsing trends are automatically used to predict their preferences, and a recommended juice recipe is displayed.If they show that recipe screen at the juice bar, they can get their own original juice mixed for them. So far this service has continuously estimated real-time eating preferences and dietary habits of more than 2 million consumers online.33% of site visitors learned what their own tastes were.As a result, juice bar sales went up 2.5%.


Name Company Position
Hiroyuki Shinoda HAKUHODO Data Scientist
Yusei Kakizaki HAKUHODO Art Director
Shohei Kurita HAKUHODO R&D Planner
Daisuke Niino HAKUHODO Interactive Planner
Aya Suda HAKUHODO DY Digital Data Analyst
Koki James Sase FREELANCE Planner
Chako Kibe NON−GRID Why Juice? Director
Aiko Yaguchi NON−GRID Producer
Natsuko Miyazaki IMG SRC Designer
Masanori Yoshii IMG SRC Technical Director
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