Product / ServiceV-KEY BRAND REFRESH
CategoryA02. Rebrand / Refresh of an existing Brand
EntrantAPD Singapore, SINGAPORE
Idea Creation APD Singapore, SINGAPORE
Production APD Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Francis Choo APD Creative Director
Tang Wai Hoong APD Head of Copy
Ed Choa APD Digital Director
Angela Cheong APD Junior Art Director

The Campaign

Our primary element for this brand refresh is the Kitemark which forms the basis of our entire design language. It was necessary to introduce this element because the client wanted a mark of assurance on services protected by V-Key. Their existing logo – based on the thinking that no security is perfect, and thus should be continually improved – was not appropriate for this purpose. The Kitemark is based on a traditional quality stamp, merged with the architecture of V-Key’s security system that sends intruders running around endlessly chasing false leads. Basic, thick lines and dots form a strong diamond shape representing V-Key’s best-in-class security. Finer lines and dots link to this secure core to visually represent a seamless ecosystem where all users and devices are protected. This hyper-simplified visual of V-Key’s technology and security ecosystem also perfectly represents their tagline “Trust Simplified”.

Creative Execution

The Kitemark’s design language of interconnected lines and dots are modular and easily reconfigurable to form many different icons and diagrams. Using these simple elements, we created a new set of icons for V-Key that illustrates V-Key’s features in a clean and simple way; and ensures visual consistency across their communications. This modular characteristic was also applied in the design of V-Key’s website. Basic page elements can be assembled in many different ways to generate fresh webpage designs. Aside from allowing webpages to be created quickly, it also future-proofs the look of the site by ensuring visual consistency no matter who works on it.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

We updated V-Key's branding with a powerful visual mnemonic based around their product technology and business ecosystem. It gives them a classy, consistent and easily expandable visual toolkit that befits the world-class brand they are growing into. More than that, it also fulfills a new business need. As usage of their technology becomes more ubiquitous, our design works as a statement of superiority and assurance that their existing logo (which we were not allowed to alter in any way) was not designed to do. A survey conducted with V-Key’s website visitors showed that 63% prefer the new branding. The client was so happy with our work that they additionally commissioned us to apply the new branding to the design of their new corporate headquarters.

Our main strategy was to give traditional symbols of stability and security a V-Key twist. We did extensive studies into colour meanings before deciding to retain V-Key’s purple as the main corporate colour. Purple is created by combining the two colours most often used by banks (red) and governments (blue) – the two highly-trusted institutions whose transactions V-Key was primarily created to protect. The Kitemark itself is an updated version of a traditional quality stamp, extensively simplified and redesigned into a modern and sophisticated icon. Old-fashioned trustworthiness, vastly improved by V-Key technology, thus became the cornerstone of our approach to this brand refresh exercise.


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