CategoryB03. Self-promotion
Production MEOUR Bangkok, THAILAND


Name Company Position
Damisa Ongsiriwattana The Sour Bangkok Co., Ltd. Executive Creative Director
Warunpon Trithepwijit The Sour Bangkok Co., Ltd. Creative Director
Pakwan Narakornpijit The Sour Bangkok Co., Ltd. Art Director
Sutinee Satesawan The Sour Bangkok Co., Ltd. Art Director
Warangrat Rattanabumrung The Sour Bangkok Co., LTd. Copy Writer
Teewin Varapaskul MEOUR PRODUCTION CO., LTD. Director
Thanaphorn Phainsomphol MEOUR PRODUCTION CO., LTD. Production Producer
Supalerk Maneeratjarutsri MEOUR PRODUCTION CO., LTD. Editor

The Campaign

The Super Manly Man Collection,  a series of household products saluting men, designed by Sour, Thailand’s women’s agency. We re-designed packaging of everyday-use products for women but to be used by men. Using insights about “sexual inequality” with a perspective twist, we praise men to ultimately get what we, women, want. By appealing to men’s assumption that they are the stronger gender, we influence them to willingly help with household chores because inequality is the new equality. Let’s ladies enjoy inequality and toast. Sit back, relax and politely excuse herself from doing the things she just wasn’t designed to do all by herself. Celebrate the inequality and leave it to the Super Manly Men to take care of it. But don’t forget, support men and always say “Thank you” in your sweetest, most feminine voice…They really like that.

Creative Execution

As it is our core idea that we want to praise men that they are "Super Manly Man", we create an illustrate design using "Super Hero" art direction to design the product. From the design, you will see our "Super Manly Man" is doing household chore with super hero action / movement. We use simple everyday product such as baby nipples, light bulb, bottle of jam, apron, detergent and etc. as our canvas to demonstrate our idea of celebrating our men to help us, women. Besides designing these items as a office opening souvenirs, we also selling them on our website as a limited edition in order to spread our Agency core message toward broader audiences.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

After office grand opening and official launch of limited edition on our website and Facebook, we are able to expand our client lists by 40%. We reach 40,000 of our target audience in Facebook with over 2,000 engagements and 300 shares. We also are able to sold out all limited edition sells on the website within 1 week after the launch and is now having long list of waiting list and request for re-produce. Please visit our site @ ,take a look at our product and feel free to buy one if you want.

As an advertising agency that specialize in women, we decide to create an ordinary household items with gimmick story of taking women side into a souvenir for our guests and clients attending our opening party. This help show our Agency's positioning clearly and give idea to our prospect clients our brand positioning and what our agency can do for their brands. We also selling the product using our website in order not only to create awareness toward our agency's positioning, it is also becoming the hub for all the transaction which become database for us. You can visit to checkout the products.


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