CategoryB02. Promotional Item Design


Name Company Position
Gary Steele TBWA\Singapore Executive Creative Director
Anam AS TBWA\ Singapore Creative Director
Khoi Phan TBWA\ Singapore Art Director
Joanna Ortega TBWA\ Singapore Copywriter

The Campaign

We wanted to bring forth the idea that you can “Savour Singapore in every bite”. So we got four local artists to illustrate the Singapore story and hand paint it on a tiffin carrier. We chose a tiffin carrier (known colloquially as tingkat) because it is synonymous with Singapore and its rich food culture. Each tier of the tingkat is usually packed with a different dish, so that when all the tiers come together, you’ll get a wholesome, home-cooked meal. In the same way, we wanted to showcase the four major facets (modern, tradition, arts and culture) that make up Singapore – and how one can experience and discover more about each facet through the various types of food in Singapore. Thus, the TingkART was created. The TingkART will be replicated and auctioned off to raise funds for Food From The Heart.

Creative Execution

Each tier of the tingkat was illustrated and hand painted by a different local artist. And each tier represents a different facet of Singapore – modern, tradition, arts and culture. The artists were chosen based on their art styles and its suitability to the specific facet. For example, we wanted tradition to have an old school look. So we got Andy Yang, who has done illustration pieces that have taken a more nostalgic look, to design that tier. Because each tier is designed by a different artist, we introduced a fish scale pattern to ensure a consistent look across the tiers. This fish scale pattern was inspired by the Merlion, another icon of Singapore. Each artist came up with a design that best illustrated their given facet and designed it around the fish scale pattern. After the designs were finalised, they were hand painted on the tingkat.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Engagement across all social media platforms increased by 55% Facebook interactions increased by 790% Attendance for the Festival increased by 38%

Campaign strategy: Discovering Singapore through the Singapore Food Festival. Target audience: Foodies. They are a dominant tribe in our main target markets of Indonesia, China, Philippines and Thailand. Foodies are also more likely to attend SFF, as it appeals to their passion for food. Foodies tend to plan their itineraries around what they want to eat. So by attending SFF, foodies get to discover and explore Singapore beyond just food.


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