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Product / ServiceDESIGN
CategoryA02. Rebrand / Refresh of an existing Brand


Name Company Position
James Bebbington Jones Knowles Ritchie Creative Director
Jason Glassick Jones Knowles Ritchie Executive Creative Director & Chairman
Craig Bond Jones Knowles Ritchie Design Director
Katie Ewer Jones Knowles Ritchie Strategy Director
Lisa Pires Jones Knowles Ritchie Client Director
Paul Copeland Jones Knowles Ritchie Production Director

The Campaign

We wanted to create a powerful symbol for the initiative – an identity that would arrest attention, raise awareness and hopefully, provoke action. Our aim was to draw people’s attention to the fact that one day, tigers may disappear from the wild entirely. Inspired by the bold courage of these magnificent cats, we began with an act of bravery of our own - we removed the tiger icon from our own logo. We then created a series of limited edition cans that used thermochromic ink to make the tiger icon disappear and reappear, making the idea tangible and personal for our target audience.

Creative Execution

We called in the technology of thermochromic ink on a series of limited edition cans to help us make the appeal resonant and engaging. When the can is ice cold, the tiger icon seems to have disappeared - dark and shadowy. But when the can warms up slightly – as it does when the beer is drunk – the tiger appears again in full colour. The effect was intended to make the plight of the wild tiger more relevant to our consumers – the act of drinking the beer is linked to the tiger metaphorically reappearing. The cans were distributed at a launch event in Singapore’s Clarke Quay, but the idea was echoed in national distribution through limited edition bottles and secondary packaging and OOH advertising in which the tiger icon is simply removed entirely from the brand logo – a haunting, powerful visual symbol for the initiative.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

493 PIECES of coverage generated globally 1.1B+ PR IMPRESSIONS* across markets since launch US $6.5M IN EARNED VALUE** across markets since launch 100% key assets featured FOOTNOTES: *PR Impressions are the summation of the total readership/reach of all the media outlets who have so far covered the project **Earned Value is measured by taking the revenue of the space that the article is occupying, which will otherwise be used for an advertisement, and multiplying it by 3. Total Earned Value is the summation of all spaces that articles currently live on. 6.3mio USD was derived from adding global + USA PR value + 1.07mio PR newswire estimate.

Inspired by the bold courage of these magnificent cats, we began with an act of bravery of our own - we removed the tiger icon from our own logo.