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Product / ServiceORIGINAL JEANS
CategoryD03. Live Events
Idea Creation HAKUHODO INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation 2 TBWA\HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
Production AOI PRO. INC. Osaki, Tokyo, JAPAN

The Campaign

Cruising Jeans -the world’s first denim washed by sea breeze.- We made a “flagship” of a denim fabric manufacturer and cruised the ocean. Exposing the denim to sea breeze, not only does it create damages, but the substances - for example sodium and magnesium - contained in sea breezes allows the denim to maintain its color longer. We designed completely blue scenes -- blue sky, the blue ocean and blue denim are new landscapes unique to the denim capital facing the ocean. In addition, this is an outdoor media that broadcasts the manufacturing process. In 40days, we cruised through 14ports, and over 700km. Finally we created 10 products from the cruise washed denim and put them on sale. We offered a value of slow fashion in the age when fast fashion is blooming.

Creative Execution

EXECUTION - A denim yacht sail was developed together with yacht sail manufacturers. - A rare specimen in Japan, a ship with a denim sail took the Seto inland sea for a cruise. - In 40 days, the cruise travelled more than 700 kilometers and visited 14 ports, all the while washing the denim. - A known designer was taken onboard to design a product using this remarkable material. - A crowd funding site was set up with “first come first serve” reservations places. - An online video was launched. - Product was launched to brick and mortar stores and even to well known EC sites.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

RESULT - Additional production was confirmed within the first week of launch. - We created a precedent of the fabric itself becoming a brand, without having to solely rely on a designers’ name. - Not only Fukuyama, but people were reminded of the attractiveness of port cities overall. - A denim manufacturing city by the sea, afforded some wonderfully evocative and iconic imagery. - A precedent and advocation of “slow fashion” was created in a world dominated by fast fashion. - New business possibilities were conveyed (eg. using denim as flooring materials etc…) - The cruise was featured in numerous media. - The media value gained was 10 times that of the budget (approx. 500,000USD worth)

STRATEGY -Target audience- The target is fashion conscious males and females in their 30s. They are bored by expensive brands and fast fashion brands too. They are eager for precasts with stories and brands worthy of their support. -Communication Strategy- We prepared three stories of challenge to gain target familiarity. 1) Craftsmanship with a focus on slow, rich development that brings attention to the instant-gratification/instant-use nature of modern consumption. 2) The challenge of unprecedented denim sail, and its long journey at sea. 3) The story of wanting to support local economies and the growth of new local industries.


Name Company Position
Takeshi Ogasahara HAKUHODO Copywriter
Takao Yanagi HAKUHODO DY MEDIA PARTNERS Creative producer
Yuki Tokuno TBWA\HAKUHODO Head of art
Hyewon Choi TBWA\HAKUHODO Designer
Yuta Enoki TBWA\HAKUHODO Designer
Kana Takarada TBWA\HAKUHODO Designer
Takeshi Fukui HAKUHODO Promotion Planner
Itaru Shibamura AOI pro. Producer
Ryo Ota AOI pro. Director
Daisuke Takahashi Freelance Director of Photography
Takanobu Tsushima Freelance Editor
Koji Togoe HAKUHODO PRODUCT’S Producer
Yasuko Furukawa HAKUHODO PRODUCT’S Photographer
Tomomi Okuda HAKUHODO PRODUCT’S Retoucher
Ryutaro Kihara HAKUHODO PR Director
Takahiro Miura GO inc. PR/Creative Director
Taichi Sugiyama OZMA PR PR Planner
Arata Hiyajo Quark tokyo Web director