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The Campaign

How can encourage kids to have an ecological conscience, in early childhood ? This is our core question: it should be playful, universal, educative, emotional and iconic. A toy is probably the best medium to engage with kids. We created Pollutoys, a serie of 8 toys, with a twist. These selected animals are the representatives of the most threatened marine lives. They look adorable, they're soft, super cut. But when kids unzip their tummies, kids discover the detritus they eat and which kill them in the real world – straws, cups, plastic bags, soda cups, balloons. It creates the interest and attention of kids on marine pollution and engage the conversation about the topic. Why these trashes are here? Educative leaflets tell the story of each animal and provide advice to prevent marine pollution. We believe the interaction with teachers is part of the experience and engagement

Creative Execution

The campaign includes the launch of official website, social media presence of the related assets including visuals, (PR release, video) Partnered schools from Europe and China have been launched and they are using Pollutoys in their class, as well as Sea Shepherd in their new Kids program (on-going). The video released on April 10th, available on Sea Shepherd International owned social network including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Sea Shepherd France website & social assets. In the first 2 weeks, we were contacted by teachers, associations from around the world, expressing their interests in using Pollutoys in their classes. Not only they encourage the initiative but share their own actions to raise kids concerns and knowledge about pollution. We feel this grassroot movement is a fabulous brand opportunity and we are working on options to launch a larger production scale to reach a wider audience

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Above the views on social media, Pollutoys campaign demonstrated the tremendous interest and echo within the teacher and parent communities, across the globe. We have received tens of emails from teachers and parents sharing the actions they initiated to provide educative tools for children. They acknowledged Sea Shepherd for creating innovative tools such as Pollutoys, to help them engage with kids. We were touched by the dedication and passion of these teachers and parents. It reveals also the potential for innovative tools like Pollutoys.

When kids discover Pollutoys, they love the characters and real looking, but when they open the belly, the conversation starts. Teachers explain why trashes are stuck in their bellies and kids feel the pain and injustice. They immediately ask “why and how can we prevent that to happen?”. Feedbacks from teachers confirmed how much kids were touched and talked about it for weeks, to both parents and teachers. It generated a conversation. We focused on kids between 3 to 6 years old, because it is the best age to engage them emotionally, for long term impact. A toy is simple, powerful and universal: we target kids from all over the world. Because it has to be a conversation with kids specialist, we involve early teachers since the conception of the Pollutoys. They shared their comments & experience.


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