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CategoryF02. Environmental / Social Impact
Idea Creation McCANN INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
Idea Creation 2 McCANN HEALTH Mumbai, INDIA
Media Placement McCANN HEALTH New Delhi, INDIA
Production McCANN INDIA Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Prasoon Joshi McCann Worldgroup India Chief Creative Officer
Prateek Bhardwaj McCann Worldgroup India National Creative Director
Harshit jain McCann Health Senior Vice President, Country Manager (India) & Marketing Director (Asia Pacific)
Soumya Shiva Nagabhushan McCann Worldgroup India Creative Director
Dan Curucci McCann Global Health Senior Technical Advisor
Vaibhava Bhatnagar McCann Worldgroup India Creative Team Leader
Kamya Elawadhi McCann Health Account Director
Urvashi Das McCann Worldgroup India Creative Resource

The Campaign

To counter these traditional biases, we turned to another Afghan tradition. A bracelet that is tied on infants to ward off evil forces, now also protects them from diseases.

Creative Execution

The immunity charm comprises colored beads, with each bead being code for a specific vaccine. On every vaccine, doctors add the corresponding bead to the bracelet. The colours, the fonts and graphic elements are designed to make the product as local/ traditional as possible. Each box is made out of MDF board. MDF is created from saw dust and is 100% biodegradable hence completely eco friendly. Each bead is made of BPA free plastic. And specially moulded and created in China to make sure of the small size and also the strength of the bead. Also making it safe if the child bites it. Each bead bottle is the bottle generally used for keeping homeopathy medicine hence extremely safe. There are 50 charms in each case. The thread is made of polyester and nylon making it very strong and life long. It can't be broken easily.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The immunity charm has helped doctors create real enthusiasm in Afghanistan about maintaining immunization history. Seeing the success of the pilot program the Government will now be extending it to other provinces as well.

Strong traditional biases and wide spread illiteracy were the main hurdles. The Immunity Charm takes care of both as it is rooted in tradition and requires no reading or writing on the part of the parents. The target audiences were parents, Doctors and Healthcare Professionals.