Product / ServiceALCOHOLIC DRINK
CategoryG01. Typography
EntrantDENTSU INC. Nagoya, JAPAN
Idea Creation DENTSU INC. Nagoya, JAPAN
Production IMPACT TAKI Nagoya, JAPAN
Production 3 DIGITAL GARDEN Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 4 MELODY PUNCH Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Yu Watanabe DENTSU INC. Art Director
Miyuki Ito DENTSU INC. Copywriter
Toshiki Nakamura DENTSU INC. Strategist
Chihiro Koda DENTSU INC. Media Planner
Taichi Konishi DENTSU INC. Media Planner
Haruki Shirasaki DENTSU INC. Account Executive
Rena Hirose impact taki co.,ltd. Designer
Ryo Funamoto YOKOHAMA SUPER FACTORY Photographer
Yuki Toma Freelancer Retoucher
Yuka Gogun Dentsu Creative X Inc. Film Producer
Jun Nakabayashi Freelancer Film Director
Shingo Ikeura Freelancer Cinematographer
Sohei Higashi Dentsu Creative X Inc. Production Manager
Kurumi Kasai Dentsu Creative X Inc. Production Manager
Hiroyuki Ota Freelancer Lightning Design
Ayano Hosoya Freelancer Stylist
Kaori Uchida Freelancer Hair Make
Masairo Ishiyama DIGITAL GARDEN INC. Colorist
Hiroaki Ishiguro DIGITAL GARDEN INC. Sound Mixer
Kotaro Maruhashi MELODY PUNCH Sound Studio Producer
Yuki Ono Freelancer Music Composer
Edi FRAME IN Casting
Lereau Roch-Thomas Kensaku FRAME IN Casting

The Campaign

We took note of the international trend of kanji tattoos. Since most sake names are written in kanji, we developed bottles that include tattoo stickers that the customer can apply to their body, and used them at the event aimed at non-Japanese tourists. Tattoos are a way to express their personalities. So they put stickers on and expressed themselves by sharing what they like.

Creative Execution

Taking the traditional “Tribal” tattoo pattern as the base design, we then integrated Japanese characters into this. The sharp shape of the tribal spikes and the "Harai" of the Japanese characters (“harai” is the tip of the Japanese character which resembles the tribal spikes) worked well together as a new design concept which could be read. This package was used in an event for foreign tourists in August 2016, many people enjoyed the fusion of tattoos and Japanese characters.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

At the event featuring the special packaging, we surpassed our quotas for interest from participants. Actually making the brand name a part of their body rather than simply drinking it, strengthened the bond between the visitor and the sake.

The target market is tourists to japan who have an interest in Sake. However, since we have limited marketing routes compared with large-scale sake breweries, it is currently difficult to come in constantly reach potential customers. We needed a method to make them remember our brand even if only coming in contact with it one time. Therefore, we held an event where people could experience a special bottle design where the label can be removed and used as a temporary tattoo. It was not only a taste testing event, but it had a unique twist where you could wear the “tattoo” of your favorite sake brand, giving the participants and fun and memorable experience.