CategoryB01. Publications & Brand Collateral
Idea Creation DENTSU INC. Osaka, JAPAN
Media Placement DENTSU INC. Osaka, JAPAN
Production MONOLITH,INC. Osaka, JAPAN
Production 2 HARU PLANNING Osaka, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Masayuki Furukawa DENTSU INC. Creative Director/Planner/Copywriter
Takahisa Naokawa DENTSU INC. Planner/Copywriter
Taizo Hirose DENTSU INC. Planner/Copywriter/Director
Norikazu Omatsu MONOLITH,INC. Art Director
Takashi Mizue MONOLITH,INC. Designer
Teppei Kanda MONOLITH,INC. Designer
Kyohei Katsuta Origami House Origami production Manager
Taijun Tsuchida HARU PLANNING CO.,LTD. Producer
Yuki Uenishi HARU PLANNING CO.,LTD Production Manager
Kei Nakase Freelance Cameraman
Yuichiro Hori HARU PLANNING CO.,LTD. Editor
Reina Mizuno HARU PLANNING CO.,LTD. Narrator

The Campaign

Instead of offering a clue that indicates what will appear after folding, we only showed mysteriously designed black square and a seductive copy on the ad: "Ultra Challenging Origami" so that we could maximize the readers' curiosity.

Creative Execution

In order to make consumers and KINCHO closer than ever, we chose newspaper ad, a media that you can actually touch and feel. We created: 1) A mysterious design which includes no visual clue to indicate what will appear after folding the paper. 2) A seductive copy "Ultra Challenging Origami" which maximized the readers' curiosity. After finishing folding, the readers will end up with an elaborate cockroach and an image of the KINCHO bottle left in front of them, which were exactly the 2 things that we wanted to inform them.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Since the day of launch, visitors to the KINCHO website per day doubled, compared to the previous period. People posted the photos of their own cockroach on the SNS, and there were numerous positive reactions such as “After an hour of effort…a cockroach! Damn KINCHO! lol!”

Our strategies to intrigue the consumers, who are basically not interested in insecticide brands, were: 1) Launching the ad on Saturday morning when readers have enough time to spend, so that they can be absorbed in the brand experience. 2) Presenting origami, a Japanese traditional culture that is popular among all generations, so that we could entertain not only the reader himself but also the whole family members by a single piece of ad.


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