Product / ServiceTV PROGRAM PROMO
CategoryB02. Promotional Item Design
EntrantI&S BBDO Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation I&S BBDO Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Masaki Honda BBDO Japan Exective Creative Director
Yoshiyuki Kaneko I&S BBDO INC. Art Director
Taoka Risa I&S BBDO INC. Planner
Tatsuro Kumaki I&S BBDO INC. Planner
Reiji Tachibana Niban kobo Producer
Yoshitomo Yao Niban kobo Director
Koharu Kumaka Niban kobo Manager
Keisuke Inoue Freelance Photographer

The Campaign

Karuta is an ancient Japanese card game where players would try and snap up the card that was being read, usually depicting nature and day-to-day life. So we took the idea of playing while learning and made poems for 100 varieties of meat.

Creative Execution

By adopting Japanese ancient card game “Karuta”, we invented “100 meat Karuta” which is easily played by everyone and learned about meat in a fun way. We made it available for anyone by providing download version.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Picked up by various media and downloaded and played by varying ages, we contributed to the program’s awareness and making eating more enjoyable.

TV station’s program promotions are always the same(program preview and its announcement by newspaper, posters etc.) We wanted to change the way and make it more meaningful to the audience.


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