Short List
Product / ServiceKINTSUGI
CategoryB02. Promotional Item Design
EntrantI&S BBDO Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation I&S BBDO Tokyo, JAPAN

The Campaign

Used for a theme appealing to modern-day people, new life has been breathed into this traditional Japanese craft. Representing historically-feuding neighboring countries, two dishes have been combined with Kintsugi with the cracks resembling the national border. We cannot forget cultural differences or things that happened in the past, but we appealed for mutual understanding through Kintsugi by producing a new harmonious shape in a single dish.

Creative Execution

Their special dishes are promoted via exhibitions and posters as well as images, so they got the opportunity to come into contact with more people than usual exhibitions. By seeing the real thing with their own eyes (beautifully harmonious dish divided by a crack embellished with metal), one can understand Kintsugi’s philosophy of treasuring history.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Rokujigen Kintsugi Studio has succeeded in relaying the philosophy of Kintsugi to many people, and received enquiries from people all across the world as well as Japan.

By combining the dishes of countries with differing or similar cultures, a beautiful design can be created. Dozens of combinations were suggested to find the perfect harmony from a design viewpoint.


Name Company Position
Shinichi Ikeda I&S BBDO INC. Senior Creative Director
Risa Taoka I&S BBDO INC. Planner
Chisako Yoshizaki Amana Producer
Tomoaki Watanabe TCJ Producer
Kazuhide Kumada TCJ Producer
Kazuhiro Yamamoto SPONGE Director
Akira Sakamoto doable Photographer
Rakuda Freelance Cameraman
Reiko Matsumoto Kadokawa Daiei Studio Art
Keigo Masaki Rizing Photo Retouch
Tatsuya Ikeda TCJ Manager
Masahito Tsunoda TCJ Manager
Kaito Sakuma apples & oranges Music
Hanako Nagai INCITE JAPAN TUTORING Coordinator