Short List
Product / ServiceAMAZON FASHION
CategoryG05. Motion Graphics Design & Animation
Production TYO DRIVE Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 2 WOW Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 3 HANABI Tokyo, JAPAN

The Campaign

The opening performance was designed around the theme of “box,” as it symbolizes the online mail order brand. The performance used 125 actual boxes, and music and video were originally created just for this single performance. The video projected onto the wall of boxes and the opening and shutting of the boxes themselves were perfectly synched using a computer system. It was a highly complex execution that successfully demonstrated a new level of projection mapping.

Creative Execution

On one wall of Space O in Omotesando Hills (the venue of the event), 125 actual boxes were placed to serve as the “screen” for the projection mapping performance. The video projected onto the boxes and the boxes themselves were designed to convey a sense of anticipation and the many surprises that Amazon Fashion will be bringing to the fashion industry. The design of the performance was simple, but the complex and perfectly synchronized execution successfully impressed the artistically discerning audience of fashion professionals and fashionistas.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The performance was successful in establishing the perception that online retailer giant Amazon was serious about entering the fashion market and in conveying the brand’s concept of creating “1” out of “0” (or creating “something” out of “nothing,” with “0” and “1” also representing the digital aspect of the brand). Value Added to Brand: By designing the performance on the theme of a fusion between digital and analog, we were able to make the brand feel more accessible, while also giving it a “cutting-edge” image. Reach/Cultural Impact: The performance helped to energize not just the brand, but the entire Tokyo Fashion Week event, which was struggling to feel fresh and exciting. Achievement Against Brief: The client was highly satisfied with the innovative image the performance was able to bring to the brand.

The performance was executed as a once-only opening performance during the opening reception of Tokyo Fashion Week 2017SS. Approx. 600 invited guests from the fashion industry as well as celebrity fashionistas saw the performance. One wall of the venue was covered in 125 actual boxes to emphasize the theme of “box” and to be used later for the performance. The boxes moved in perfect synch with the video projected onto them with projection mapping, creating an impactful visual illusion unlike anything that’s been experienced before. The performance helped to impress upon the audience that Amazon Fashion will be bringing technology to the fashion industry and firmly established the brand in the minds of the fashion industry professionals and fashionistas.


Name Company Position
Isamu Nakamura McCann Tokyo Executive Creative Director
Naoto Nishio McCann Tokyo Creative Director
Shinpei Ueda McCann Tokyo Creative Planner
Hono Nakano McCann Tokyo Copywriter
Natsumi Iwasaki McCann Tokyo Art Director
Kentaro Okuda McCann Tokyo Business Director
Yusei Horiuchi McCann Tokyo Account Director
Kanji Suzuki McCann Tokyo Account Supervisor
Tatsuhiro Ishikawa TYO inc. TYO drive Producer
Yuya Fujita TYO inc. TYO drive Production Manager
Yasuaki Matsui WOW inc. Producer
Tatsuki Kondo WOW inc. Director/Planner/CG Designer
Shunsaku Ishinabe WOW inc. Technical Director
Misaki Horai WOW inc. CG Designer
Mitsuru Sameshima P-CAMP Music Director
Shuhei Yamada HANABI inc. Director