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The Campaign

Made Possible By Melbourne was a campaign that transformed an entire city into a free exhibition of the University of Melbourne’s world-changing research. By creating exhibits in poster sites within the city's free tram zone we took research that is usually published in academic journals, and placed it directly in front of the people that might invest in it. These exhibits were accompanied by a digital audio guide, virtual map, free cycling tour and a pop-up cafeteria offering research people could eat and drink, creating an event that enabled people to interact with research. Creating a citywide free exhibition meant that people were already open to our message and strengthened the University’s relationship with Melbourne’s public. By highlighting the contribution the research projects are making towards global welfare we were able to elicit a response – we drove people to discover and donate to further research projects.

Creative Execution

The Made Possible By Melbourne exhibition was made of 14 bespoke pieces of interactive and sculptural art that brought to life unique pieces of research. It was a mix of art, tech and design. The materiality of each piece was relevant to the research it was representing, from a titanium mesh stentrode to carbon fibre robotic prothesis. Using elegant exhibition lighting and innovative UX design, we endeavored to create engaging yet simple pieces of scientific art that would stand out against a busy city backdrop. The design choice to have each piece sit atop a plinth played into the visual idea of an exhibition, but also allowed us to discreetly hide all mechanical and electronic elements – keeping a sophisticated and clean aesthetic befitting the country’s number one university.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

During the month long exhibition, Made Possible By Melbourne met every measurable objective in raising awareness of the University’s research projects. The campaign reached 44 million, globally, through PR. The exhibition was featured in 22 international media outlets. The content hub received over 1,036,453 hits within 2 weeks of launch. Estimated foot traffic through the exhibition was 3.2 million. In a tracking study 1 in 3 Melbournians said the campaign changed their opinions of the University, enhancing their understanding of the importance of research and its economic and societal impacts. Ultimately, this exhibition led to an 80% increase in commercial research enquiries, worth hundreds of millions of dollars in investment. Made Possible By Melbourne is now being used as a touring exhibition across Australia, and has become an ongoing publishing platform for the University’s research stories.

To drive brand relevancy we made the University’s research more than something people read about in scientific journals. We needed to make it relevant and interactive to motivate them to find out more, and donate. To target an audience of affluent, university educated, 20-60 year olds including alumni, commercial research partners and employers we used a platform we knew they would be open to–an exhibition. Through a 6-month consultation period we selected key research projects and designed immersive exhibits. These exhibits took the research out of the world of academia and made them appealing for a mainstream audience. Targeted media buys made sure the exhibits were placed directly in front of high potential investment areas. Transit takeovers reached commuters on their way to and from work, and supersites around the city ensured the campaign was unmissable. A call-to-action on exhibits activated our audience to read more online and donate.


Name Company Position
Pat Baron McCann Worldgroup Chief Creative Officer Melbourne
Matt Lawson McCann Melbourne Executive Creative Officer
Meg Andrews McCann Melbourne Account Manager
Charles Baylis McCann Melbourne Copywriter
Caity Moloney McCann Melbourne Art Director
Matt Lawson McCann Melbourne Art Director
Charlie McDevitt McCann Melbourne Group Account Director
Emma Van Den Berg McCann Melbourne Account Director
Rob Patterson McCann Melbourne Account Manager
David Phillips McCann Melbourne Startegic Planning Director
Chamarai Kariyakarange McCann Melbourne Strategic Planner
Jane Walshe McCann Melbourne Media Planning Director
Sam Enshaw McCann Melbourne Media Planning Manager
Victoria Conners McCann Melbourne Agency Producer
Tony Prysten McCann Melbourne Head of Digital
Chris Baker McCann Melbourne Head of Social
Joe Guario McCann Melbourne Digital Producer
Oliver Knocker McCann Melbourne Editor
Tom Mannion McCann Melbourne Editor
Dave Budd McCann Melbourne Senior Designer
Guilherme Pocai De Almeida McCann Melbourne Digital Designer
Travis Hogg AIRBAG Director
Jackson Dickie AIRBAG Production Designer
Martin Box AIRBAG Executive Producer
Nick Venn AIRBAG Film Producer
Adrian Bosich AIRBAG Managing Partner
Nick Pledge AIRBAG Model Maker
Daniel Macnish AIRBAG Electronic Engineer
Xavier Irvine AIRBAG Concept Artist
Emma Black McCann Melbourne Media Planning Manager
Adrian Mills McCann Melbourne Managing Director
Gavin Nebauer University of Melbourne Sound Engineer
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