CategoryB05. Books
EntrantDENTSU INC. Nagoya, JAPAN
Idea Creation DENTSU INC. Nagoya, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Michihito Dobashi Dentsu Inc. Chubu Creative Director
Hiroyuki Yamanaka Dentsu Inc. Chubu Art Director
Fumi Anan Dentsu Inc. Chubu Copywriter
Miyuki Ito Dentsu Inc. Chubu Copywriter
Kenichiro Ito Dentsu Inc. Chubu Copywriter
Yoko Tatsumi Dentsu Meitetsu Communications Inc. Copywriter
Yu Tsubaki Dentsu Inc. Chubu Copywriter
Yu Watanabe Dentsu Inc. Chubu Art Director
Hikaru Nishida Dentsu Inc. Chubu Art Director
Masahiro Eguchi Dentsu Inc. Chubu Art Director
Tomoko Takeda Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Art Director
Ai Ishimatsu Dentsu Inc. Chubu Art Director
Yu takamine Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Project Manager
Tomoyuki Kaneko Impact Taki Designer
Yukina Ieda Impact Taki Designer
Rena Hirose Impact Taki Designer
Mayumi Sumi Taki C1 Designer
Yosuke Sone Taki C1 Designer
Yoshihisa Ozaki DARUMA Photographer
Kazuto Miyazaki freelance Illustrator
Masayo Nishikawa MAISONETTE inc. Stylist
Katsuhiko Ura Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. Printing Director

The Campaign

We made a cover that had Q&A topics about information that all ad-men should be aware of, and each number used unique printing techniques.

Creative Execution

We associated the theme with printing technology. For example, we associated “World Animal Day” with “temperature-sensitive printing”. We used a gimmick that the answer is appeared when people touch the paper. So that readers will be able to know the answer which animals are hidden if they touch the paper. It shows the interactions with animals. Another example is that “The ascent of Mt. Fuji” and ”photochromic processing”. We used a gimmick that the answer is appeared when the paper exposed to sunrise. It based on sun worship in Japan, Japanese people view sunrise as good luck.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

As a result, it succeeded on activating inner communication of approximately 7,000 Dentsu group employees and there were many voices that looked forward to the next issue.

We produced a book cover of readers wants to read. We question a quiz about topical news the season at that time, and add some gimmicks such as “tear”and ”scratch”which attracts the interest of many readers.