Short List
CategoryD04. Spatial Brand Installation & Experience
Idea Creation BWM DENTSU Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Production BWM DENTSU Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

The Campaign

We created The Tailor Made Store. A store which adapted and transformed to create a unique experience for each and every customer. Chadstone shoppers used a bespoke Instagram mechanic to queue for their tailor made experience. On entry, the store asked series of questions, gathering information from each customer. The kinetic structure learnt, a unique algorithm interpreted the data, and stagehands transformed the store within minutes.

Creative Execution

Each and every element of the store was designed in conjunction with print and digital assets using a series of facets. Each design touch-point was created to feel like a unique combination of these facets, making each piece of design as unique as the experience. These assets were then used in the social media campaign, tactical OOH, digital banners and local press as we drove people to interact with the store. And, once involved, consumers needed no encouragement in sharing their experience across all social platforms, generating earned media for the brand. Alongside earned media we also live-streamed the store in-centre and online, further expanding the tailor made experience to consumers across the shopping centre and beyond.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Tailor made products, lighting, music and mood meant over 3 million possible permutations and a truly unique retail experience, allowing consumers to appreciate the full scope of Chadstone’s offering. With over 100,000 visitors to Chadstone, a 600% increase in social media engagement, 30% increase in foot traffic and a 18% increase in sales centre-wide, we proved that a good retail experience can expand beyond a shopping centre, changing the brand’s perception for good.

The challenge has always been to earn Chadstone Shopping Centre a unique place in shopper’s minds. But the truth is, consumers are intimidated by Chadstone’s sheer size - it’s a challenge shoppers struggle to overcome. So, to re-engage with these customers, we needed to turn Chadstone’s scale to its advantage. We needed to prove that Chadstone’s scale can provide a uniquely tailored experience. And, in an ‘experience economy’ awash with exciting things to do, it’s personalised experiences that really stands out.


Name Company Position
Rob Belgiovane BWM Dentsu Aust Group Chief Creative Officer
Simon Bagnasco BWM Dentsu Melbourne Executive Creative Director
Phil van Bruchem BWM Dentsu Melbourne Creative Director
Chris Andrews BWM Dentsu Melbourne Creative Director
Rachel Blacklaws BWM Dentsu Melbourne Senior Copywriter
Alexandra Walding BWM Dentsu Melbourne Senior Art Director
Karlene van Opdorp BWM Dentsu Melbourne Onscreen Producer
Natalia Shore BWM Dentsu Melbourne Account Director
Deanne Pascoe BWM Dentsu Melbourne Account Director
Stephanie Bond BWM Dentsu Melbourne Account Manager
Mikael Perhirin BWM Dentsu Melbourne Head of Digital and Consumer Experience
Mac Wright BWM Dentsu Melbourne Digital Experience Manager
Danielle West BWM Dentsu Melbourne Community Manager
Emerald Cowell BWM Dentsu Melbourne Junior Digital Producer
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