Product / ServiceTHE BLOQUET
CategoryB06. Use of Customer in-Store Experience
EntrantGPY&R Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
Idea Creation GPY&R Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
Production GPY&R Brisbane, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Ben Coulson Y&R Group Chief Creative Officer
Andrew Thompson Y&R Group Executive Creative Director
Ross Benn GPY&R Brisbane Art Director
Michelle Short GPY&R Brisbane Production Director
Antonia Vann Y&R Group Account Director

The Campaign

To increase sales and engagement we asked ourselves, what do fathers really want for Father’s Day? In a 2015 poll of Aussie men’s favourite foods, an array of meats came up in the Top Ten. A ‘steak’ dinner it found, brought on a smile as large as that on a woman’s face when she received a bunch of roses. So what better way to reward meat-loving dads for their constant love and care than with a bouquet of their very own? We created The Bloquet – the ultimate Father’s Day gift for Aussie Blokes. Each Bloquet featured 12 handcrafted and juicily cooked rosettes of wagyu beef wrapped in bacon, encased in green leaves and packaged up in shiny red wrapping paper. We created 25 Bloquets for use in PR Activations to drum up interest on a small budget, with each local restaurant rolling it out for their customers to purchase.

Creative Execution

The budget for this campaign was only $10K, so with this in mind, a social/digital solution was a must. One of the main components of this campaign was to reach out to TV and radio celebrities in order to provide them with an opportunity to try the Bloquet and experience the Ribs & Rumps brand. Footage of these Bloquet on-air deliveries was shared on social media to generate buzz and hype. We also tied the Bloquet to all trending topics at that time such as. “Forget about the Bachelor rose – this is what Aussie blokes are after”. These relevant postings helped build engagement online, laddering up the launch of a Facebook competition in which Dads could win a Bloquet on Father’s Day, freshly delivered to them in store. This online competition helped encourage social media users to visit the Ribs and Rumps’ website to make a booking.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

The buzz around the Bloquet started the minute we launched reaching the front page of, the Today Show, The Daily Mail, Nine News Australia and many more media outlets. Over this one weekend, the Bloquet reached 2,560,000 people. With an overall earned media value of over $1.2 million, Ribs and Rumps were proud to report a ROI of approximately 1,443%. In terms of their business performance, Ribs and Rumps achieved 14.9% growth and +8.6% comp sales growth on Father’s Day, as reservations across all stores increased by 8.16% in that week. We generated an extra 1200 bookings year-on-year. With an online booking growth of 283.86% and a walk-in growth of 19.01% in the week leading up to Father’s Day, the lift in sales volume helped lend credibility and equity to the Ribs and Rumps brand. No wonder Ribs & Rumps are now serving the Bloquet all year round.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Father's Day is one of the key promotional periods for retailers and restaurants. Our client wanted a promotion that would drive Father's Day bookings.

There were 2 key targets for this campaign. Fathers looking for a different Father's Day experience, and families looking to treat their Dad to something special. We targeted key Father Figure celebrities on tv, radio and social, and they became the unofficial ambassadors for The Bloquet.