Product / ServiceGLOBE PREPAID
CategoryC01. Use of Digital Platforms


Name Company Position
Paolo Toledo Publicis JimenezBasic Creative Director
Brandie Tan Publicis JimenezBasic Executive Creative Director
Elvin Julian Publicis JimenezBasic Art Director
Raizel Go Publicis JimenezBasic Art Director
Nikki Paqueo Publicis JimenezBasic Copywriter
Joel Isip Publicis JimenezBasic Art Director

The Campaign

The Idea Globe #NextLevelKa (Your Are Next Level) campaign – featuring the Philippines’ first-ever online video with hidden game codes. The idea was to get gamers to discover the hacks inside the video, and create native conversations about it in their gaming world, from forums, blogs, and social media. Globe was not only going to be a brand that talked games, Globe was to become a game itself.

Creative Execution

The Execution: The online video features international stuntwoman, Tara Macken, dodging arrows and fireballs to join her gaming clan. But viewers soon discovered that this video…was also a videogame. Hidden game codes were placed in every scene, and to win, gamers needed to find them. They had to scrub through the video, pause, replay and try to find the codes tucked away in every scene. When found, they could text these codes to a Globe number, and win free credits for more playing time, or for in-app purchases in their own mobile games.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

The campaign was never before done in Philippine Telco. The video was picked up and discussed in different news sites, gaming forums, and blogs – earning the campaign heavy PR. In native chat-rooms, conversations and theories were stirred about the hidden codes until the campaign became a top topic in forums and pages. As soon as clues and hints were posted on Globe’s social media accounts, more gamers watched and re-watched the video – helping it break 1M views in no time. Business Results: Registrations increased by 114% Revenues went up by 94% versus before the campaign 4% increase in daily switchers from competition 17% increase in Globe subscribers (69% coming from GoSurf) Globe doubled its mobile internet penetration 50% increase in bulk usage of their mobile data services Globe reached 60% industry revenue shares, and overtook competition as #1 - with GoSurf as its top data product

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

The work is a digital promo activation campaign made to talk to gamers. A first in the Philippine telco industry, it packages a data product with an interactive online video - and both come together to fit the habits of gamers online. It presents a new way for gaming teens to engage with an online video to be able to find hidden codes that they can text to earn extra data for their games, or even in-app purchases. It integrates entertainment, gaming, and product use - even keeping the audience coming back with clues/hints for more codes on social media.

The Insight: Gamers have their own world – filled with video walkthroughs, unlocks, and secret codes. To enter their realm is to speak their language, and challenge their skill level. The Platform: A digital video was the perfect medium to speak to these gamers who were already in the habit of watching and scrubbing through YouTube trying to find game walkthroughs and hacks to help them play.


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