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Name Company Position
Melvyn Lim Ogilvy & Mather Singapore Executive Creative Director
Xander Lee Ogilvy & Mather Singapore Creative Director
Eva Xu Ogilvy & Mather Singapore Senior Art Director
Satish Pamidimarthi Hogarth & Ogilvy Singapore Director of Interactive Technologies
Esther Tan Ogilvy & Mather Singapore Senior Copywriter
Giri Jadhav Ogilvy & Mather Singapore Vice President, Advertising Asia
Nur Yusuf Ogilvy & Mather Singapore Producer
Chad Mirshak Ogilvy & Mather Singapore Producer
Chow KitYee Hogarth & Ogilvy Singapore Producer
Eugene Cheong Ogilvy & Mather Singapore Chief Creative Officer
Augustus Sung Ogilvy & Mather Singapore Senior Copywriter

The Campaign

In order to achieve our objectives, we first had to create an opportunity for ourselves. We know that when it comes to parenting, educating your child can be tough work. So we created Tasks for Toys, an app that allows kids to complete tasks set by their parents and earn their favorite toys. The navigational design of the app had to be simple while the aesthetic design had to reflect the fun in the brand personality. We wanted it to be personal too. Kids could make a virtual “agreement” with their parents through a thumbprint recorder, maximizing interaction between parent and child. To launch Tasks for Toys into the market, we relied heavily on owned media channels like our Facebook page, that already had a substantial following. Store displays and EDMs were also used to drive existing customers to download the app.

Creative Execution

When it comes to parenting, educating your child can be tough work. But if there’s anything our own childhood can tell us, it’s that kids will do anything for their toys. So we created Tasks For Toys – a mobile app that allows parents to set tasks for their kids to complete and earn their favorite toys, making even the most dreaded tasks rewarding and fulfilling for them.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

In the first week of launch, over 5,000 downloads of the app were made on the Apple and Google Play Store. Thousands of kids in Singapore earned close to half a million app points and were rewarded with their favorite toys, with many more on their way to earning theirs. The Toys “R” Us online store saw a 27% increase in purchase of high-priced items. For the first time ever, a spike in sales was experienced during the non-peak period outside of school holidays. Tasks For Toys wasn’t just a mobile marketing tool. It was a sustainable platform that delivered practical value to our audience and one that ensured a constant stream of visits to our online store. More importantly, we started to regain our position as the “Authority in Toys”. All this, simply by helping kids learn through play and making the most dreaded tasks rewarding and fulfilling.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Toys “R” Us was experiencing a decrease in foot traffic to their retail stores, largely attributed to the rise of online toy stores. Launching their own e-commerce platform didn’t help either as they found themselves “late in the online game”. We needed an idea that would bypass the confines of a physical store and reach out to our potential/lost customers directly, driving them to our online store instead. Tasks for Toys was born – an app that allows kids to complete tasks set by their parents and earn their favorite toys. It wasn’t just a mobile app in the hands of our consumer, it was a well-thought out mobile

Our target audience were parents with children aged between 6 -15 years. They are very familiar with the Toys “R” Us brand, with a large majority of them having had their first toy bought from a Toys “R” Us store when they themselves were kids. They are extremely digitally savvy and spend huge amounts of time on social media and on their phones. With Singapore’s smartphone penetration the highest in Asia at 87% (Source: Nielsen), it’s no surprise that most of them make their purchases on the go.


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