Product / ServiceTHE TASTY PIZZA 2
CategoryC02. Use of Mobile


Name Company Position
Hunchul Chun AdQUA interactive President
Jiwhan Park AdQUA interactive Creative Director
Harim Oh AdQUA interactive Copywriter
Haejun Lim AdQUA interactive Agency Producer
July Seo AdQUA interactive Account Director
Sangsun Moon AdQUA interactive Account Director
Mikyoung Ko AdQUA interactive Account Executive
Eva Go AdQUA interactive Account Executive
Miran Noh AdQUA interactive Designer
Byounggil Park AdQUA interactive Publisher
Haerim Koo AdQUA interactive Developer
Hayoung Kim AdQUA interactive Developer
Junghan Kwon Oasis Director
Jaemin Hyun Oasis Assistant Director
Seohee Kang Oasis Producer
Gideok Lee Freelancer Director Of Photography
Hyungyun Kim Freelancer 1st Assistant Camera
Kwangmin Kim Freelancer Gaffer
Youngjun Kim Freelancer 1st Assistant Electrician
Sohee Kang The form Art Director
Yeji Kim The form 1st Assistant Art
Juyeon Kim K.One Food stylist
Sungman Park Sound Story Sound Mixer
Kyuwon Lee Keystone play Editor
Jihoon Lee Keystone play Assistant Editor
Jooyong Lee Keystone play Flame Artist
Seonghun Lee Keystone play Flame Artist
Wonseok Ko Lucid Color Colorist
Sunglae Hong Kiss fm Sound Design Arrangement
Hun Kang Women agency Model Agency

The Campaign

In order to recover consumer’s trust in brand and product, having consumers to actually experience the quality and the taste of the product was the most simple but most influential strategy. We needed consumers to interact by receiving and proving the brand message that the product quality was enhanced in order to increase engagements. Consumers had negative recognition on the difference between the products in advertisements and products they actually experience due to exaggerated advertising of food industry. Based on such insight, we produced “pizza camera”, the microsite where consumers could compare the product they experience against the product in the advertisement. Consumers could prove the quality of the product by comparing the pizza they ordered against the product in the advertisement and uploading the photo proving the comparison through pizza camera produced based on the consumer culture of sharing photos of food to social pages.

Creative Execution

Along with product launching, in order to emerge expectations around the taste and quality of the product, what has been enhanced for The Tasty Pizza Season 2 was informed to 1.5M social users in alliance with social influencers. After the launching of "pizza camera", the pizza camera was introduced in connection to the expectations toward the product in order to create curiosity around the new product and the campaign. After product launching, promotion was executed for 2 months around every touch point of pizza delivery (MMS, package, leaflet). Participants' image data from pizza camera was provided to the fun app Vonvon in order to provide the same experience with pizza camera to diverse users. In addition, the campaign video was covered by Facebook community pages Smart Media Representative and so on in order to deliver the proud message of Pizza Hut.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Campaign video gained 10M views, 5,000 social viral posts were uploaded, and 5,000 participants at fun app reached to 15M people. Pizza Hut could regain the trust by turning over the negative awareness on the taste and quality. As the result, sales could increase by 15% during the campaign.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

"Pizza Camera", the core contents of #PIZZA_MATCHING campaign, allows consumers to compare the pizza they ordered against the pizza in the advertisement. In addition, by encouraging users to upload the photo proving their comparison, brand message were reproduced by the consumers. Through such experience on digital, consumers could awknowledge and trust the quality of the prodct based on their own experience rather than the brand message.

Consumers at the age from 20s to 30s who have low credibility toward Pizza Hut brand are the most active on social media. In order to enhance brand credibility, media plan was executed according to their lifestyle. Considering the characteristics of the target that they are usually active on mobile, campaign film was exposed right before the mobile clip of TV programs in order to maximize the coverage. Target users who watched clip video were exposed to campaign message and linked to "pizza camera". In addition, they were encouraged to share the photo taken by "pizza camera" to social channels in order to expand the campaign message to consumers. Alliance promotion with Vonvon, the most popular fun app on social media, was executed. As the result, numerous prove photos were expanded through social channels and consumer-based contents could result in positive recognition on the product.


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