Product / ServiceAXE BLACK
CategoryB01. Guerrilla Marketing & Stunts
Idea Creation ASATSU-DK Tokyo, JAPAN
Production ASATSU-DK Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Hiroko Uchigaki ADK Account Director
Hiroaki Saito ADK Account Director
Shota Shindo ADK Account Executive
Jumpei Yoshida ADK Planner
Shunsuke Kashima ADK Assistant Planner
Yosuke Otsubo ADK Account Executive
Kunihiro Kato ADK Account Executive
Hiroshi Yoshida ADK Account Executive

The Campaign

AXE rolled out a promotional campaign that ended up being an elaborate setup. An original fashion brand was launched in collaboration with a designer that’s hugely popular among targets. Then, a physical store of the brand was opened, rigged with a few gimmicks. First, the front door to the store only opened via scanned data of the customers’ faces. Then, when customers were about to leave the store, they were met with a huge surprise; a digital version of themselves wearing the brand’s clothes, with a snazzy new hairstyle styled with AXE products, all made with real-time computer graphics.

Creative Execution

Two weeks before the release of AXE HAIR, people began talking about the launch of a new fashion brand by a famous designer. A physical store of the new brand opened on the same day that AXE HAIR products launched. Unassuming consumers who came to the store to check out the fashion brand were unexpectedly subjected to a deep, surprising experience. Through this, we were able to prompt them to voluntarily spread the word about their astonishing experience via SNS, thus spreading news about the campaign itself.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

The unexpected twist proved to be a deeply engaging experience for targets. Visitors were astonished when they suddenly saw an alternative version of themselves with a different hairstyle in front of them. The experience had a huge impact on targets, prompting them to voluntarily upload SNS posts about it. The subsequent flood of “Likes” to posts featuring themselves donning a different hairstyle led many users to actually change their own hairstyles in real life. Media exposure: 3 million dollars 144% sales compared to previous year

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

With so many competitive hair styling brands in the Japanese market, many resort to promotional campaigns that focus solely on hair styling and nothing else. However, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to attract the targets’ attention. Our campaign prompted users to upload SNS posts by providing an extra special surprise, and managed to spread the perception of AXE as a hair care brand through unique media exposure tactics, thus successfully making users choose AXE products when they went to stores. It not only created a buzz but also offered a deep experience that actually led to the purchase of AXE products.

When Japanese university students graduate and leave their carefree days behind for life as a company worker, most people end up wearing the same kinds of business suits, and don the same kind of generic “salaryman” hairstyle. Many still enjoy playing around with fashionable clothes outside of work, but even then, their keep their “salaryman” hairstyles. AXE HAIR attempted to get targets to rediscover the joy of trying out different hairstyles.


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