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Name Company Position
Sungjung Kim (SJ Kim) McCann Worldgroup Korea CEO
Jeeyoung Kwak McCann Worldgroup Korea COO
Younggyo Kwon McCann Worldgroup Korea Group Account Planning Director
Taeyoung Jung McCann Worldgroup Korea Art Director
Sylvia Kim McCann Worldgroup Korea Group Business Director
Hongyen Kim McCann Worldgroup Korea Account Manager
Yongsoo Kang McCann Worldgroup Korea Digital Campaign Planning Manager
Ahjin Cho McCann Worldgroup Korea Account Executive

The Campaign

The creative ideas lied in turning ‘Chupa Street’ in the hot place, ‘Garosu-gil,’ into a digital platform and providing virtual contents which helped people experience the street like real. The same was even more enhanced by the collaboration with ‘Daum Road View,’ which is the most viewed map application in Korea that provides satellite imagery of every corner of the country. As it turned out, people did experience the Chupa street virtually and felt tempted to visit the street. There had been no such a collaboration that connected virtual reality and physical promotion before. In the same line, an interactive website was also built within the campaign site where people could experience the street, find Chupatems, and even directly register their found items for prize lottery promotion. Consequently, those who could not be there physically on the street were able to join the promotional events thank to the campaign website.

Creative Execution

The campaign ran from March 1st to March 14th, 2016 on ‘‘Chupa street’ that was built on Garoru Gil, a well-known street for many fancy fashion stores and restaurants, typically attracting a street-filled young shoppers and diners. 10 different Chupatems were placed along the street, including Mini-cooper, bicycle, plant pot mail box, bench, and ring, etc. Chupa Zone was also established with Giant Building Wall, Candy Wall, Trick Art Wall, Candy bouquet service, in order to offer fun brand experience to visitors. Street light banners and balloons that staffs handed out were also another items that pedestrians took photos against and they shared those photos on their social media later on to win Chupa Chups souvenirs. Daum Road View was also collaborated with the brand so that pedestrians were invited to play treasure hunt to find the hidden Chupa Chups spots using virtual reality aids offered by the map application.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Some 6,814 people visited the Chupa zone only for three days, and those passersby who took the picture of the zone were estimated to triple the number of the visitors. The campaign also saw some 7,927 photos uploaded on social media (Instagram and Facebook) and the total of 252,774 likes & 2,298,362 impressions on Facebook were transacted. The total sales went up by 20% after the campaign, when compared to the same period, last year. Chupa Chups also jumped to the No.2 spot for the most searched word on ‘Naver,’ the most visited Korean search engine. Chupa Chups continued to rank the 2nd for confectionery shopping category for 11 days. As the rank renews every 3 hours, the results show that Chupa Chups achieved meaningful results on digital platform.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

The campaign was to provoke consumers’ interest in Chupa Chups and to generate interactions by utilizing multiple online and offline platforms. Thus, the campaign features mostly promotional activities, placing 10 Chupatems (promotion items of the campaign) in some 20 different promotion spots on the Campaign Street while also simulating those on mobile and web in order to offer the opportunity to experience the campaign street for those who could not be there physically. In addition, the pictures uploaded voluntarily on social media drew good attention on top of social media ads, which in turn, activated target’s interactions with the brand.

The campaign strategy was to activate target consumers to go viral through digital by seeding “Chupatem (or promotional items of the campaign)” on the campaign street, 2) search on a portal, 3) share on Facebook and Instagram Hashtags, which was based on the target understanding as to their media usage and needs for patriating, sharing, and light-hearted fun. Social media is a full-fledged media distribution and entertainment centers to the target in their 20s. The target audience also tends to value ‘Buying Experience’ more than ‘Buying Goods.’ Given this, the campaign aimed to arouse target’s interest and give them fun experience rather than sending out a direct sales message, by utilizing both offline and online platforms. Also, the vivid and colorful brand personality and images were used through the campaign to lighten up the young who were frustrated and demotivated due to economic difficulties and high unemployment.


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