CategoryB04. Use of Ambient Media: Small Scale
Production EG+ WORLDWIDE Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Gary Steele TBWA Singapore Executive Creative Director
Hagan de Villiers TBWA Singapore Executive Creative Director
Jimmy Neo TBWA Singapore Creative Director
Mohan Prabhakar TBWA Singapore Creative Director
Lawrence Hu TBWA Singapore Art Director
Weilun Chong TBWA Singapore Art Director
Sophia Hung TBWA Singapore Account Director
Minah Lim TBWA Singapore Account Manager
Gisela Sim TBWA Singapore Project Executive
Jean Abideen eg+ worldwide Art Buyer
Raul Davadilla eg+ worldwide Senior Digital Imager
Cat Toh eg+ worldwide Digital Imager
Arris Wong eg+ worldwide Digital Imager
Andrew Yeoh eg+ worldwide Studio Manager
Sharon Wong eg+ worldwide FA Artist
Peter Ng eg+ worldwide Head of Production
Patrick Ong eg+ worldwide Senior Production Manager
Renjie Teo eg+ worldwide Photographer
Jimmy Fok Calibre Photography Photographer
Ken Zhang Calibre Photography Producer

The Campaign

Instead of shouting louder than the rest, we chose to demonstrate the benefit of a fine cut in a beautiful way. We created unique, ultrathin gift wrapping that brought to life WMF’s precision cutting capabilities on various food items. The icing on the cake was that our 'ads' were something people could actually use.

Creative Execution

We chose to let our product do the talking, with a beautiful depiction of what a fine cut looks like on various food items. We created ultrathin gift wrapping papers that were visually arresting cross-sections of those food items. Distributed as a gift with purchase, this was not just a fresh medium, but a fresh kind of gift wrapping that customers could use to make their own statement of originality.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

The gift wrapping was an instant hit, raising awareness of WMF's “fine cut”. To build on this success, the client plans to extend the idea to other collateral.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

WMF knives needed a promotion that would bring to life a generic proposition of 'sharpness' in a way that consumers could relate with.

When all cutlery brands were relying on the usual point of sale material like posters and shelf talkers, we saw an opportunity break through the noise by creating something that was less an ad, and more a vivid demonstration of what was most unique about our product - the precision cutting. A fresh way to connect with an audience that's jaded with an overdose of the same old product messages.