Product / ServiceKELLOGGS CEREAL
CategoryE01. Integrated Campaign led by Promo & Activation
Idea Creation MINDSHARE Colombo, SRI LANKA


Name Company Position
Nilmini Wanigasekara Mindshare Director

The Campaign

A model was developed to capture these busy cosmos with a relevant message at the moment of truth. We identified a new channel that is deeply rooted within an urban lifestyle. The “Choon Paan” vehicle is a mobile snack truck that travels through household neighbourhoods and urban landscapes during mornings and evenings selling snacks. The distinctive jingle of these mobile snack carts immediately alert households to their presence in the neighbourhood. This is often turned to as the source of breakfast foods in urban household neighbourhoods. We identified key hubs within Colombo where our primary target groups are concentrated. And engaged with the consumers with mini sampling breakfast packs consisting of Kellogg’s cereal through the ‘Choon Paan” vehicles and also breakfast booths placed across key commercial hubs, housing multiple offices with busy professionals.

Creative Execution

Over a six month period, the campaign was carried out simultaneously across three radio channels. On weekdays, the mobile snack units (Choon Paan) dispensed mini sample packs twice a day, thus making Kelloggs a breakfast option as well as a late afternoon snack. Every Monday and Friday the Breakfast Booth at WTC dispensed Kelloggs sample packs with condiments such as chocolate milk, yoghurt and fruit, opening the consumer’s eyes to chic and modern pairing options. Radio was used to communicate the brand message to listeners. Mobile hyperlocal was used to share reminders with the corporates. On radio morning shows hosts endorsed the cereal, trailers were aired throughout the day, weekly live updates from WTC and cart locations shared with the audience, in order to drive them towards the free sample packs being given away. This made the entire engagement interactive as consumers were targeted through various touch points.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

The campaign had a positive impact on overall brand health. There was an overall increase in total awareness (93% - increase by 5% points) and trials (77% - increase by 7% point). 53% of the TG was reached through the Combined Radio Activation. Close to 100,000 consumers were directly engaged through the Breakfast Cart (Choon Paan) and Breakfast Booth. Hyperlocal activity had a conversion of 9% which further helped create word of mouth in the WTC. The core message was well registered with the consumers with 66% of the consumers (from a random sample) correctly associating Kellogg’s as a nutritious grain based breakfast (one of the campaign’s objectives). With this, the overall sales grew by 24% over the same period last year making this a unique 360* engagement a big success.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Using a powerful local insight, “Udaya Ahara” campaign encompassed the audience at the relevant time with a relevant brand message which created a meaningful association. Lifestyle shifts within the urban segment of the country and faster urbanization meant that children too were leading a fast paced lifestyle. Creating a new media channel for the brand that is most relevant to the time of conversion has enabled the campaign to deliver positive results overall, including increased brand awareness and trials.

The target audience comprised of mothers and working professionals; mothers were likelier to make household nutrition decisions while working professionals presented an appealing market that would perceive Kelloggs as a healthy breakfast option. Three primary channels were used to access the potential market : 1. The campaign partnered with an influential broadcasting entity (Radio) with access to audiences in all three languages spoken in the country. 2. The mobile snack units (Choon Paan) were given a set number of mini Kelloggs sample packs twice a day, every day. 3. A Breakfast Booth was set up in front of the World Trade Centre (WTC) the hub of working professionals in Colombo. Together, these channels allowed the campaign to access a wide audience to transmit the message of healthy breakfasting and snacking with Kelloggs.