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Production 1-10DESIGN Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Ichiro Ota Geometry Global Japan GK CEO
Yoshito Kawamura Geometry Global Japan GK Account Director
Kazuyuki Motohashi Geometry Global Japan GK Senior Activation Manager
Yasuhito Imai Geometry Global Japan GK Creative Director
Daisuke Suzuki Geometry Global Japan GK Senior Art Director
Tsutomu Nakagawa Geometry Global Japan GK Art Director
Tomohiko Setoyama Geometry Global Japan GK Junior Art Director
Itaru Takagi Geometry Global Japan GK Designer
Tomoyuki Takahashi Geometry Global Japan GK Copywriter
Sou Kobayashi 1-10 Holdings, Inc. Senior Creative Producer
Souta Tamura 1-10 Holdings, Inc. Creative Division Planner
Teruaki Tsubokura 1-10 Holdings, Inc. Installation Developer
Soma Yamasaki ENJI INC Event Director
Isao Yamazaki PINTON Co., Ltd. CEO / Owner
Hajimex Murakami SignaL Video Director

The Campaign

Performance, practicality and seductive design, packed with Jaguar’s driving exhilaration – these are the core pillars of the F-Pace model. Our idea was to demonstrate these in an absorbing stunt. Making an SUV run in a motordrome is a stunt that has never been performed by SUVs since they are too big, heavy and bulky to lift and hold onto the steep “wall of death”. The F-PACE’s structure however is made to 80% from aluminum, which makes it lighter than similar SUVs, but riding the banks would still be difficult and taking speed fail more often that not. The motordrome would be equipped with a 360-degree-sensor on its bottom that tracked position, movement and speed of the F-PACE – depending on which its signals to LED and audio would change, allowing a real-time orchestrated music-and-light-show.

Creative Execution

The giant coliseum, 16 meters in diameter, was built out of 25 tons of laser cut iron boards. The Jaguar F-PACE’s structure is made 80% of aluminum, represented by the shiny metallic structure of this giant motordrome. To promote the Jaguar brand with an edge against other foreign competitors on the Japanese, market, we let the Union Jack inspire various design touch points, colors and geometric patterns were recurring themes throughout the event design: Posters, Invitation, the LED light show (white, red, and blue LED illuminations). Usually, so-called walls of death are sunk into the ground or stabilized in such a manner that spectators watch from an elevated position. However, we built the coliseum on the flat ground, out of a vertical arrangement of iron boards so that visitors could see the car through this structure. A car has never before raced a construction of this kind.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Exposure value: 200.000.000 JPY +35% F-Pace Model Page Access (compared to preceding month; 27,840 Unique Users) +114% Web Access (compared to same month of preceding year; 225,758 Unique Users) +55% Online Orders of F-Pace Catalogue (compared to preceding month; total 413 orders) +35% Online Configurator Users (compared to preceding month; 27,840 users) 448 test rides /week = 28 more than calculated capacity YouTube Video Views: 78,909 Facebook posts total reach: 251,959 Facebook Video Views: 47,665 (4,488 likes) Teaser Video Views: 320,000 Twitter Impressions: 5,422

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Our event for the launch of Jaguar’s “F-Pace” encouraged positive physical and emotional connection between the audience and the car. We introduced the F-Pace, Jaguar’s first ever SUV, to the Japanese public at a historic location that for generations was the entry to Japan for innovations from overseas. The new target group (young families) was engrossed in a unique car stunt and test ride experience. Jaguar’s car dealers were able to link up with their potential new clients. For our guests an unforgettable and share-worthy experience. For the brand, a foray of hearts. For our client, a clear success.

To the few out there familiar with our brand, Jaguar is known a sports car brand. For the F-PACE, we wanted to build on this sporty image with performance and strength communication. Our targets were previous owners of foreign brands, indecisive about the brand of their next car, susceptible to technology and play but sophisticated in purchase decisions. Since the SUV was a new product in Jaguar’s range, the target group was also new: families and young mothers. Our core targets are people who want a car that is different from all others, so we highlighted Jaguar’s British roots to give the brand an edge over its competitors. At this event we offered potential targets an opportunity to be convinced and for a test-ride. We knew demand would be higher than capacity, so that the curious and convinced could directly meet their closest Jaguar dealer at the event.


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