Product / ServiceGOOGLE PLAY
CategoryB03. Use of Exhibitions / Installations
EntrantR/GA Singapore, SINGAPORE
Idea Creation R/GA Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Christer Eriksson R/GA Media Group, Singapore Regional Managing Director Strategy
Antti Toivonen R/GA Media Group, Singapore Creative Director
Sebastien Py R/GA Media Group, Singapore Producer
David Brown R/GA Media Group Regional Executive Creative Director
Samuel Poh R/GA Media Group Associate Creative Director
Jinglin Ang R/GA Media Group Senior Copywriter
Xinting Cheng R/GA Media Group Art Director
Mark Tipper R/GA Media Group Executive Creative Director
Noel Billig R/GA Media Group Group Executive Creative Director
Michael Armstrong R/GA Media Group Creative Director
Lachlan Williams R/GA Media Group Associate Strategy Director
Christopher Shie R/GA Media Group Associate Creative Director
Hamish Stewart R/GA Media Group Executive Creative Director
Alex Thoma R/GA Media Group Account Director
Catherine Ganapathy PHD Singapore Senior Account Director
Clement Chia Offset SG Creative Director
Richard Li Google Taiwan Country Manager Marketing, Taiwan
Melissa Lai Google Taiwan Google Taiwan Marketing
Amy Huang Google Taiwan Product Marketing Manager, Taiwan
Bryan Chiou Google APAC Product Marketing Manager, APAC

The Campaign

Google Play Town was a colourful event that brought Google Play Store to the real world in one giant hub, accompanied with a series of high visibility street activations. The gamified street activations were designed to have people experience mobile games in their everyday lives in surprising contexts. The largest individual activations was a tie up across 5000 7/11 stores where people got rewarded when they engaged through a mobile game. All of this was supported by flashmobs, outdoor media, a high impact digital billboard execution mobilised around the city, and at key partner locations selected for their high footfall and location volume. The real world Play Store also enabled us to engage people with real world mobile face offs and live YouTube streams with local celebrities.

Creative Execution

Google Play Town was a one month long “Real World Play Store” event right in the heart of Taipei. The Play Town featured over 50 different developers with their titles. To drive awareness for the event, we had a series of street activations in high footfall locations across Taipei to bring mobile gaming to life all around the city. Most significant of them was a mobile gaming activation across 5000+ 7/11 outlets. At the event space a YouTube studio broadcast celebrity interviews and gaming head-to-heads. Different zones catered to different entertainment tastes. Innovation zone allowed people to geek out on new tech such as Google cardboard, the family zone had chill out spaces and screened movies whilst hardcore and casual gamers alike could play the latest titles in a fun and collaborative space.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

- Total PR Clippings: As of December 20, a total of 303 clippings were generated, including 24 from TV, 1 from magazine, 17 from daily and 245 from online media (including 140 original and 105 online reprints). - 60K visits to the physical Playtown hub - 100 000 participants at 7/11 stores - 1M+ live stream views on YouTube - 1M+ visits to the Playtown microsite - 12.5% growth in unaided awareness of Google Play store as a digital content destination vs. 1% increase in Apple App Store in same period (before/after campaign)

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

People of Taiwan play mobile games all of the time. But they rarely talk about their gaming experiences with their friends which means they tend to stick to the games they are already familiar with. That’s why we needed a huge scale activation to create maximum buzz around mobile gaming. Google Play Town was a month long event that brought Google Play Store to the real world and brought the virtual gaming world out from behind a screen to the streets where people can really experience the fun and interaction of games.

Google Play Town is designed to bring mobile gaming into the real world to create a social and mainstream experience. Based on the insight that despite high mobile and category penetration people tended to game by themselves, play the same games and not share their experiences, the over-arching strategy focused on creating an event that brought the vast array of games and entertainment that Play Store offers to life in a way that appeals to casual gamers, hardcore gamers and newbies alike. The approach to executing activations in and outside of the event space gave Play Town mass appeal balanced with bespoke interests for specific target groups and gave us reasons to invite the press over several times over the course of the month long event.


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