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Name Company Position
Saurabh Varma Leo Burnett Chief Executive Officer - South Asia
Raj Deepak Das Leo Burnett Chief Creative Officer
Alok Mathkar Indigo Consulting Senior Developer
Gunjan Poddar Leo Burnett Creative Director
Ravpreet Ganesh Leo Burnett Executive Vice President
Ashish Sharma Leo Burnett Copywriter
Arzan Antia Leo Burnett Copywriter
Himanish Ashar Leo Burnett Copywriter
Sriram Iyer Leo Burnett Copywriter
Nitin Menon Leo Burnett Copywriter
Geo Joseph Leo Burnett Copywriter
Sangeet Bhatia Leo Burnett Brand Director
Yatin Gupta Leo Burnett Account Director - Digital
Chandresh Vij Leo Burnett Project Manager
Murtuza Kantiawala Leo Burnett VP - Project Management
Mahesh Patil Indigo Consulting Chief Technology Officer
Snehal Thube Indigo Consulting Developer - Backend
Dinseh Belakare Indigo Consulting Developer - Backend
Sulaman Wadiwala Indigo Consulting Developer - HTML
Ratnaprabha Handikherkar Indigo Consulting Developer - HTML
Krishna Shukla Leo Burnett Editor
Dilip Kumar Leo Burnett Editor
Shouvik Basu 10 Films Executive Producer
Raylin Valles 10 Films Creative Producer
Nikhil Rajani 10 Films Director
Chintan Thakkar 10 Films Associate Producer
Hrishabh Dubey 10 Films Assistant Director

The Campaign

Every year, big brands push in a lot of money to sell their products through television commercials. Now sellers at home don’t necessarily have the same bandwidth when it comes to selling their used goods. So OLX found a way for them to make their own commercials, from the comforts of their home. ‘Make-Your-Mad Ads’ is an online platform from OLX, where sellers can sell their second-hand products with the help of 10 quirky characters and their countless combinations. All they needed to do was to visit, upload pictures of their product, choose a character along with other specifications and let the platform generate a personalized ad with their product at the center. A mad ad which they can then share across social media platforms and send the word out in a uniquely crazy way.

Creative Execution

OLX launched ‘Make-Your-Mad Ad’ by introducing to the world the 10 quirky characters that will help sell the used products, on social media with #OLXMadAds. Each character had a quirky sales pitch telling sellers why they should pick them to sell a product. Once users visited, all they had to do was to pick a character from a madcap bunch of 10. Then, upload a picture of their product, select the product, specify the color along with price and other details. And in a click of a button, the platform went through countless combinations to whip up a one-in-a-million personalized mad ad, just for them. All they had to do was share it across their social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on, and let the Mad Ad do the rest. Thus, making selling engaging and entertaining at the same time.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

40% increase in user engagement Average sale time cut down by 4 days 3857786 in media impression Over Million ad listings OLX Mad Ads received an overwhelming response from media as well as people, across various social platforms. The biggest takeaway came when people started having fun with the Mad Ad platform, and not just for actually selling. Like this one person who tried selling the Taj Mahal using one of our characters. The ad had to be taken down, but the gesture was appreciated.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Not every listing on classified websites converts to sale, owing to the monotony in the ads. OLX, a website for used goods, recorded a dip in sales with a drop in user engagement as well. This need for an interesting way to sell along with a demand to consume interesting content, gave birth to OLX’s ‘Make-Your-Mad Ad’. A unique platform that allows sellers to create their own video ads for their products. With 10 quirky characters and countless combinations, people spent hours on the microsite with user engagement going up by 40% and average sale time down by 4 days.

When people are selling their used products online, all they can do is post a classified and hope that it converts to a sale. There’s very little they can do to push for it. Unlike the big corporates who spend millions on marketing or the street vendors who use their street-smarts to sell their products. Online sellers are limited to the confines of the internet. So OLX wanted to give sellers their own unique edge when it comes to selling. OLX ‘Make-Your-Mad Ad’ combined the need for sellers to stand out with the undying demand for interesting content online. This fun platform gave sellers an opportunity to get a quirky character from a bunch of ten, to endorse and sell their product, without shelling out a single penny.


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