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Product / ServiceHEALTHY WIFI
CategoryC02. Use of Mobile
Idea Creation MULLENLOWE CHINA Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Chanchan Zheng MullenLowe China Copywriter
Justin Du MullenLowe China Associate Creative Director
Eddie Wong MullenLowe China Chief Creative Officer
Marx Zhu MullenLowe China Group Creative Director
Tian Tian MullenLowe China Senior Art Director
Pencil Xu MullenLowe China Art Director
Juan Zhang MullenLowe China Associate Creative Director
Joey Mok MullenLowe China Executive Producer
Berry Zhang MullenLowe China Digital Engineer
William Huen Gwantsi Director of International Department
Eric Shao Gwantsi Film Director
Hanlin Ding Gwantsi Cameraman
Vico Jiang Gwantsi Producer
Hao Wu China Telecom Marketing Manager
Qiong Li MullenLowe China Copywriter

The Campaign

HEALTHY WIFI is an intuitive WIFI designed to correct posture when using smart phones. By connecting to HEALTHY WIFI, the smart phone will only work at an angle of 70 to 75 degrees perpendicular to the ground. WIFI will only be connected when the phone is at 70 to 75 degrees. Otherwise WIFI will disconnect automatically.

Creative Execution

HEALTHY WIFI was made available at Offices and Public Places such as Shopping Malls, Hotel Lobbies, Restaurants, Cafes, Subways, and Train Stations across 13 cities in China.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

The result within the first month is that 24.9% of users who have tried HEALTHY WIFI are continuing to use it. A reassuring fact that HEALTHY WIFI could help to correct their bad posture when using smart phones.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

HEALTHY WIFI is a clearly identifiable consumer activation delivered through mobile. It is a breakthrough innovation that allowed China Telecom to interact with their customers in a new way. HEALTHY WIFI clearly demonstrates breakthrough innovation at the core of the brand. It's a 'groundbreaking' activation that helps propel the brand forward via strong interaction.

Bad posture when using smart phones causes neck, shoulder and back pain. According to findings from a CCTV experiment on smart phone usage, the harm of bending the neck at 45 degrees or lower is like having 2 watermelons hanging by the neck. How do we get people to develop a healthy habit of using smart phones? As people are constantly searching for WIFI, this is where we start.


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