Short List
Product / ServiceGIGA SELFIE
CategoryC02. Use of Mobile
Idea Creation TBWA\HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
Production AOI PRO Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 2 AID-DCC Osaka, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Satoshi Chikayama TBWA\HAKUHODO Inc. Creative Director
Norihito Takahashi TBWA\HAKUHODO Inc. Copywriter
Nobuhiro Arai TBWA\HAKUHODO Inc. Copywriter / Interactive Planner
Yoshihiro Kono TBWA\HAKUHODO Inc. Art Director
Kazuaki Kuribayashi TBWA\HAKUHODO Inc. Buzz Machine
Jun Tokunaga TBWA\HAKUHODO Inc. Interactive Producer
Hirotaka Fukatsu TBWA\HAKUHODO Inc. Agency Producer
Ichiro Tezeni TBWA\HAKUHODO Inc. Group Account Director
Hiroyuki Tanaka TBWA\HAKUHODO Inc. Account Executive
Keisuke Mizusako Aoi Pro. Inc. Producer
Ryo Tsuchiya Aoi Pro. Inc. Production Manager
Ryohei Kumamoto Aoi Pro. Inc. Production Manager
Yusuke Yamanaka AID-DCC Inc. Producer
Jun Takashima AID-DCC Inc. Programmer
Yoshiaki Kajiyashiki AID-DCC Inc. Programmer
Masashi Oohashi AID-DCC Inc. Technical Director
Yuri Morimoto AID-DCC Inc. Designer
Takayuki Niwa Freelance Film Director
Naoto Somese Freelance Photographer
Kazoo Sato TBWA\HAKUHODO Inc. Chief Creative Officer

The Campaign

GIGA Selfie. The world’s largest selfie service. A first of its kind, the service can combine the vastness of the landscape along with the visitor’s smiles in one giant selfie. At designated spots of particularly outstanding beauty, tourists will stand at a certain spot and operate a camera remotely via their smartphones. The unique software will combine hundreds of images taken into 1 giant selfie. In less than 2 minutes, the photo is delivered to the user.

Creative Execution

-We designed a mobile experience that is exactly the same as taking an ordinary selfie. We focused on this aspect for this experience design. GIGA Selfie does not require special devices or downloading particular apps. Just go to the designated spot and anybody can take an exciting GIGA Selfie with their smartphone. Shooting, previewing and sharing can be done just like any ordinary selfie. -We applied the latest photographic technologies to the selfie. The giga pan stich technology used to seamlessly connect huge amounts of images (as utilized by Google street view) has been applied to the selfie. We developed a program that allows photos of beaming smiles from happy tourists and the fabulous landscape they are surrounded by to all seamlessly blend together and that can automatically be translated to a moving image file. We succeeded in being able to deliver this sophisticated file to the user within 2 minutes.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

The GIGA Selfie brought about huge reactions from across the planet. As a result, the world was reminded of the beauty of Australia and we succeeded in increasing tourist numbers. Most importantly, in addition to promoting Australia to the world, the GIGA Selfie has potential to bring the same positive results to other parts of world. - Facebook Engagement increased at startling rate SHARE+11,173% LIKE +430% - News coverage in over 180 countries - Japanese visitors increased by 118% year on year - Patent obtained - Currently under consideration to install across Australia - Huge interest and queries from tourist and amusement spots from around the world

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

-We transformed the Selfie into the strongest kind of promotion tool. Tourists love the selfie. It is a promotion tool that can involve the whole world. However the limitation was that the beauty of the natural landscape just couldn’t ‘fit in’ to the traditional selfie. The potential was not being tapped/harnessed. GIGA Selfie is a way to showcase both the smiles of the travellers and the landscape that they are in. This simple yet strong idea changed all selfies to a promotional tool. It is stronger and is able to create a deeper engagement compared to traditional advertising.

The target audience is all travellers who haven’t yet been switched onto the beauty of Australia. In order to convey the attractiveness of the country, we looked into the activities and insights provided by travellers in Australia. Tourists love taking selfies, and they love sharing them. However, the traditional selfie could not depict the beauty of the Australian landscape. Our strategy was to leverage the tourists’ power of information dissemination and to maximize penetration of Australia’s tourism/travel resources to the public. Through the revolutionary GIGA Selfie service, we changed the selfie into media.


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