Product / ServiceOREO
CategoryA01. Fast Moving Consumer Goods
EntrantCARAT CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Idea Creation 2 FCB SHANGHAI Shanghai, CHINA
Idea Creation CARAT CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Contributing ALIBABA GROUP Hangzhou, CHINA


Name Company Position
Joyce Chang Carat China GM, Digital Planning
Hugo Ding Carat China Business Director, Digital & Ecommerce Planning
Joanne Choi Carat China Ecommerce Associate Director
Sabra Chai Carat China Senior Digital & Ecommerce Strategist
Gianluca Fracasso Carat China Digital & Ecommerce Strategist
Emma Zhang Carat China Ecommerce Planner
Yang Lin Alibaba Project Leader, Advertising Department
Zhao Ye Alibaba Project Leader, Taobao Villages Channel
Tess Wang FCB Business Director
Calvin Chu FCB Account Director
Kelly Zhu FCB Account Manager
Cici Xiong FCB Account Manager
Ki Cheung FCB Account Executive
Andy Chan FCB Executive Creative Director
Simon He FCB Creative Director
Santi Yan FCB Associate Creative Director
Jingyan Gu FCB Associate Art Director
Robin Chen FCB Producer
Connie Yeung FCB Associate Planning Director
Mani RK Carat China MD - International Clients
Tanya Xing Carat China Business Director

The Campaign

Leveraging huge volumes of transactional data from partnerships with UnionPay, Alibaba and our proprietary survey CCS, we found: - Chinese New Year is still the most important celebration for families in rural China, they’re most likely to try new products that are recommended by friends and family. - The majority of China’s citizens travel away from the major cities, to hometowns and villages in the hinterland. Snacking is a huge ritual during these long journeys home. - Consumption is thriving in rural areas, but digital penetration is low with physical experiences preferred over digital ones. - Rural audiences spend only 1.6 hours per day online vs. 4 hours in major cities but have 43% more engagement with OOH media. Our Idea was to “Take Oreo Home”. Through strategic partnership with ecommerce giant Alibaba Group, we could become part of local customs and culture in the heart of rural China.

Creative Execution

To begin Oreo’s journey home… With Alibaba’s help we established 10,000 new distribution points across rural China, creating village pop up stores filled with special edition Oreos. We wrapped the outside of trains heading from cities to the rural areas, creating anticipation and excitement for the big trip home. Covering 37 stations and travelling over 100,000km into the heart of the Chinese countryside. We created an “Oreo World”, complete with branded cushions, posters, window stickers and wallets. This message was amplified in the TVC, helping scale our message and creating the context for bringing Oreo into the countryside. To complete the Oreo journey, local experts showed visitors how to scan the QR code and access the Mondelez flagship store for direct purchase, using online exclusive offers to reward new users.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Our campaign brought Oreo home as Alibaba’s most popular brand during the Chinese New Year festival. We reached new consumers: • A new retail channel established with sales delivered through the Alibaba network of 10,000 shops. • Covering 1/3 of China and accessing 200 million new consumers in just two months. • Increasing ecommerce traffic by an average of 366% when the campaign was live. • Driving 5 million new visits to the Mondelez flagship store on Tmall. Driving new sales: • 150% monthly increase in Oreo ecommerce sales. • Beating the previous record for Mondelez ecommerce sales set on 11.11 by 35% • 52% increase in Oreo base sales vs same period 2015. • Overall the campaign delivered an exceptional ROI of 5:1

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Partnering with e-retailing powerhouse Alibaba we established a new distribution channel with 10,000 sites across rural China. Reaching a new audience of 200 million people, driving a fundamental shift in consumer behaviour. Because of the campaign Oreo became part of rural Chinese family life: - The 1st international biscuit brand to penetrate rural China. - The 1st combination of grocery & ecommerce shopping in rural China - Smashing the previous record for ecommerce sales delivered on 11.11 by 35%. - Driving 52% sales growth for Oreo and setting a new benchmark for consumer engagement.

A joint business partnership with retail giant, Alibaba Group, as its exclusive snacking partner allowed us to leverage its ecosystem of e-commerce, marketing and logistics in rural areas. Together, we created activations that had never been done before — our ‘Taobao Villages’ fused e-commerce with experiential across 10,000 locations outside major cities. To capture the excitement at the start of the celebrations, we positioned Oreo as central to the trip home for millions of Chinese by taking over key travel spots, this idea also became the central theme of the OTV creative. By focusing on the journey and the destinations, these activations brought Oreo into rural China and into the celebrations. 600 million potential new consumers were given the chance to interact with the brand and learn how to shop online.