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Name Company Position
Boon Kheng Tan Y&R Singapore Art Director
Kea SuiHong Y&R Singapore Business Director
Kevin Joseph Y&R Singapore Senior Copywriter
Katherine Khor Y&R Singapore Senior Art Director
Somjai Satjatham Y&R Singapore Associate Creative Director, Head of Art
Wayne Fernandes Y&R Singapore Copywriter
Amanda Lim Y&R Singapore Account Manager
Charmaine Salvador Charmaine Angela. C Director Of Photography
Melvin Kuek Y&R Singapore Managing Director
Marcus Rebeschini Y&R Asia Executive Creative Director
Alvaro Bruch Y&R Singapore Digital Lead
Chew Fung Wee Y&R Singapore Account Director
Komal Bedi Sohal Y&R Singapore Chief Creative Officer, Singapore

The Campaign

When potential customers walked into our showroom, they expected a normal test drive. We offered them a unique Land Rover experience instead - An off-road drive away from civilization so they could really experience the capabilities of the Land Rover. And then, we made it one they would never forget too. By using the drive to deliver essential supplies to the indigenous Aeta tribe. Tribes scattered across the Tarlac Mountains, 90 miles away from civilization.

Creative Execution

The Test Drive for Good began from our showroom in Makati, Philippines. Drivers were introduced to the capabilities and features of the Land Rover Discovery Sport as they were treated to a Land Rover Experience off-road. We then guided the unsuspecting drivers towards the Aeta Villages and together helped distribute essential supplies, which were hidden in the boot space of each Land Rover. Adding a special touch of memorability to what was already an unforgettable test drive. We carried out several such test drives over the next few months to visit the Aeta tribes scattered across the Tarlac mountains.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

82% increase in Test Drives 600% increase in Sales More than 2000 bags of supplies delivered to tribes

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

The Test Drive experience across car retailers was getting mundane, with everyone doing a simple drive around the city. So how could we infuse an element of excitement into it? The Test Drive for Good reached out to potential customers in a unique way by offering them a complete revamp of what they expected when they walked in to our showroom. Making it a true test of the Land Rover capabilities as well as making it a memorable experience, which helped our influence on the market spread manifold.

Brands spent hundreds and thousands of media dollars to get potential customers to their showroom for a test drive. How can Land Rover differentiate its test drive experience and help turn every potential customer into a convert. We wanted to give potential customers an experience so distinct that they couldn’t possibly forget. Instead of a regular test drive, through the same route, we wanted them to experience the way of life of the Land Rover brand and to leave every single one of them an lasting and unforgettable experience of their lifetime.


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