Product / ServiceLEXUS RC 200T
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Name Company Position
Mr.Thamrongwit Sornpaleenan Dentsu media Thailand Senior Graphic Designer
Mr. Nattawut Subyai Dentsu media Thailand Art Studio
Mr. Boromdong Hemvilas Dentsu media Thailand Media Planning Director
Ms. Tatiya Sinhabaedya Dentsu media Thailand Chief of Content Acquisition
Mr. Sasibutra Wuttinan Dentsu media Thailand Media Planning Supervisor
Ms. Wassana Pragobgul Dentsu media Thailand Content Acquisition Specialist

The Campaign

As the target of this campaign are high affluent persons who crave experiential matters and have privileged lifestyle. We approached them at the right place with a surprise moment offering an exclusive test-drive at the most desired high-end restaurant with a simple yet impress gimmick which is a special offer of exclusive dessert inspired by Lexus RC 200t and created by famous chef.

Creative Execution

To offer a special experience of Lexus RC 200t to prospect target, we proposed the idea to impress the target with a surprise of ‘original dessert inspired by Lexus RC 200t’ created by Iron Chef Thailand to capture their heart. The dessert called ‘Armageddon’ represents the ‘powerful & luxury’ of Lexus RC 200t. Iron Chef offered the dessert to each lucky person and present it himself one by one. The highlight of the presentation is the start & engine sound of RC 200t which is a gimmick of the presentation. We created a surprise card offering ‘3 days free drive’ of Lexus RC 200t with a door-to-door delivery service that makes it even more special and impressive to the target. All of surprises moment images posted on Iron Chef Thailand (TV Program) & Iron Chef Table (Restaurant) official Facebook Fan Page as well as Instagram every day to build awareness.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

The report provided to client as daily and weekly basis shown that most lucky persons express their impression on an unexpected ‘surprise’ approached. Most of male rarely receive surprises in such a setting, typically being the one who is doing the surprising. Many of them really appreciated and some said it was the first time in their life they’d received a special surprise like this. 93% of them gladly accepted an invitation for a ‘3 days free drive’. Test-drive opportunity skyrocketed almost 4x comparing with traditional approach within a month. Media cost was zero. The earned media reached triple the total likers of Lexus Society on Facebook Fanpage. With an earned media value in excess of 500%. It certainly proved to be the right invitation, to the right target, at the right time and place producing beyond expected results.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Lexus RC 200t defined an expensive luxury coupe car. The target of this campaign are high affluent persons who crave experiential matters, not only car selections but also having privileged lifestyle. Why it relevant to them was because we approached them at the right place with a surprise moment. Who would believe that we were offering an exclusive Test Drive at Hi-end restaurant? The gimmick was simple yet impressive. Offering an exclusive dessert presentation and free test-drive. We used PR and social to spread the story. Furthermore, we got earn media from targets and audiences at real time.

The core target is male aged 35+ high affluent persons who are contrarian and individualistic - confident, so we need to create the extraordinary experiences to trigger them. Also, the studies show that their lean back period is the right time to connect, with over 65% of targets enjoy dine-out as top ranked leisure habits. We created an exclusive test-drive invitation, which is a surprise moment at the most desired high-end restaurant - Iron Chef Table - where ensured that we will find the right target, by offering a special dessert called “Armageddon” inspired by Lexus RC 200t which created and presented by Iron Chef, together with door-to-door delivery service for 3-day free drive of Lexus RC 200t. The criteria selection is male aged 35+ who made an advanced reservation for special occasions (Birthday, Anniversary etc.) or spent large amount on dinning.


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