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Name Company Position
Saharath Sawadatikom CJ WORX Co., Ltd. Chief Creative Officer
Jipattikal Panikbutr CJ WORX Co. Ltd Planning Director
Pinpinat Piyatataungvara CJ WORX Co., Ltd. Client Service
Kavin Sitsayanaren CJ WORX Co., Ltd. Creative Director
Jutarat Kongton CJ WORX Co., Ltd. Art Director
Salas Supalakwatchana CJ WORX Co., Ltd. Copywriter
Monkanok Panusittikorn CJ WORX Co., Ltd. Copywriter
Kamonluck Mungwattana CJ WORX Co., Ltd. Producer, Project manager
Amornpol Jeamwongsirikul Kratai Tuentua Co.,Ltd Producer
Pagorn Jungrungruang Kratai Tuentua Co.,Ltd Director
Wisarut Deelorm Kratai Tuentua Co.,Ltd Editor
Tongtae Tongma MellowTunes Co.,Ltd Sound Engineer
Panit Jirawattanaaunt Kratai Tuentua Co.,Ltd Cinematography
Tanut Kliinkesorn CJ WORX Co., Ltd. Client Service

The Campaign

Sugarcanes are the most essential Ethanol ingredient. So we design to help them expressing their gratitude through letters using their own handwriting. The letters were given directly to customers of Ethanol at patrol stations throughout Thailand.

Creative Execution

The written process happened on a sufficiently windy day. Hundred thousands of sugarcanes were armed with black pens, and they were allowed to freely draw their messages without any direction. The results are letters that were purely and uniquely painted by the sugarcanes expressing the message of gratitude. After that, we set live events at 150 petrol stations throughout Thailand to send the letter directly to customers of Ethanol energy. The event covered the period between 14 March - 30 May 2016, and over 100,000 grateful letters were delivered to Thai people.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

The campaign earn 200% visibility & coverage : Massive Awareness 35 millions IMP, 18 millions reach, actively engage with audience 734,152 engagements ( 70% above KPIs), 2 millions video & contents views. (130% above KPIs) Moreover, this campaign created massive conversations of the new understandings of “Ethanol, the energy of the nations” in all 3 main angels we aim for 1.Sugarcane, the origin of Renewable energy 2. Ethanol, Renewable energy that truly benefits to related parties 3.New perception of end benefit of “RENEWABLE ENERGY”, provided by Mitr Phol. The client has reported a significant increase of Ethanol users as a result.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

This campaign centred around letters written by sugarcanes, which were given directly to customers who used Ethanol energy at patrol stations throughout Thailand. The uniquely created letters expressed the sugarcanes’ gratitude to the Ethanol users in order to induce a sense of pride in Ethanol usage among Thai people. After that people will be proud to use Ethanol energy and keep supporting nation’s energy. Moreover, it can make people aware of the importance of nation’s energy and encourage all Thai people to use Ethanol energy.

Mitr Phol group established Mitr Phol Bio Co.,Ltd. an Ethanol producer from cane juice. We would induce a sense of pride among the Ethanol users by educating them the real benefits of Ethanol that would sincerely benefits to 1.Surrounded People 2.The Real Communities And 3.Whole Country Beneficiaries. We choose emotional approach to avoid negative feedback. We have selected target to mass target and teenager to adult. And also media tools Digital PR, WOMON and Influencer that matching with selected fanpages and the campaign to create impact conversations. Our Campaign had 3 phases 1.EDUCATE MARKET : Provide content to educate mass audience toward “SUGARCANE” and “RENEWABLE ENERGY” 2.CREATE NATIONAL AGENDA : To create national agenda and trend of renewable energy 3.BUILD UP BRAND RELEVANCY : Credible insightful contents targeted toward mass to educate them end benefit of “RENEWABLE ENERGY”, provided by Mitr Phol.


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