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Name Company Position
Sharlene Wu, Kelly Bai, Sharon Ho, Waifoong Leong, Nicole Ma, Jia Chen, Linda Bao, Biolker Ji, Paper Li, Santi Yan, Pride Fang BBDO and Proximity China Managing Director, Regional Business Director, Director of Client Services, CCO of Greater China, Executive Creative Partner, Account Executive , prouder, Deisgner, Copywirter, Associate Creative Dire

The Campaign

Younger men in China are absolutely technology obsessed; they want whatever is next, first. This obsession with experiencing the new permeates everything they buy from the phone they use, to the watch they wear. With the latest in virtual reality technology, Gillette helped men experience first-hand what it is truly like to live life with confidence and suave. We therefore decided to reward buyers with a Virtual Reality 360 degree movie experience that brought them closer to the action than they would have thought possible. An on-pack promotion was run where consumers could scan a code to download to their smartphone the 360 degree Virtual Reality experience in which they became the star. For the first time ever in China, a brand gave consumers the chance to experience Virtual Reality, simply by using their mobile phone. Our Idea: Making Confidence Real for Men, Virtually.

Creative Execution

We launched China’s first ever virtual reality mini-movie for Gillette, and immersed our target in this revolutionary 360-degree VR experience during Single’s Day 2015. 1. Promoting the VR video on China’s biggest social platform, Wechat 2. We sold a special pack of Gillette with a pair of Google Cardboard VR goggles on T-mall (China’s largest e-commerce site). 3. After receiving the special pack, consumers were invited to scan the QR code and download the Gillette VR app onto their phones, and enter the world of Gillette virtual reality. 4. Through VR, they were treated to a fully immersive brand experience… and became the suave hero in the film. They were able to interact with Gillette Fusion, hold it with their own hands, and experience the thrills of sky-diving into an evil lair, defeating a slew of villains, and finally experience the excitement of rescuing a beautiful woman.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

? In less than 8 hours the special packs sold out on all e-commerce sites ? Even after the special packs had sold out, sales that day went on to be double the year before ? The Brand Equity score for Gillette peaked in this month, regardless of investment in other areas across the rest of the year ? The brand health Index for Gillette achieved its highest figure for 3 years in this period ? The video promotion on Wechat achieved 52 million impressions

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

For this campaign, we employed an approach never seen before in China. We knew we had to do something different, we needed a pioneering solution that would stand out in a cluttered marketplace. Whilst the Fusion ProGlide Razor with FlexBall Technology gives an incredibly close shave, this type of message is taken for granted in this category which means it is incredibly difficult for products to cut through. To guarantee the impact therefore, we needed to give consumers an experience that was a close as the shave itself. The immersive stimulation had to literally be the message.

The Single’s Day sale was an opportune moment to convince men to buy Gillette. Launched by e-commerce giant Alibaba as a counter-culture to Valentine’s Day, Single’s Day has since emerged as a big annual e-commerce sales event for both singles and non-singles alike. To stand out and drive more sales during 11.11, simply offering a discount or a promotion bundle will not help the brand stand out in a sea of discounts and promotions. In short, we needed a Single’s Day offering that was rooted in a stand-out idea. We started out with a universal need prevalent among all men: to be as confident and as desirable as they can be. With the emergence of new virtual reality technology, however, Gillette had an opportunity to address such a universal need in a way no other male-grooming brand has ever done before – by making it happen for real, virtually.


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