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Product / ServicePEDIGREE
CategoryC03. Use of Social Platforms
Production FINCH Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
James McGrath Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Creative Chairman
Ant Keogh Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Chief Creative Officer
Paul le Couteur Flagstaff Studios Sound Designer / Engineer
Khia Croy Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Account Director
Kate Waite PEDIGREE® Mars Petcare Marketing Manager
Bryce Coombe Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Group Account Director
Michael Derepas Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Planning Director
Nicholas Short Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Print Producer
Sonia von Bibra Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Agency Executive Producer
Giles Watson Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Creative
Joe Sibley Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Creative
Emma Johnson Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Senior Agency Producer
Lauren Peat Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Account Manager
Charlotte Abroms Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Agency Digital Producer
Jess Ramsey Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Digital Designer
Luke Bouchier FINCH Director
Corey Esse FINCH Managing Director / Executive Producer
Jackie Adler FINCH Producer
Jordan Maddocks c/- Top Technicians DOP
Jon Holmes Freelance Editing / Finishing
Lachlan Martin PEDIGREE® Mars Petcare Digital Business Partner Manager

The Campaign

Hearts Aligned is an eye-opening filmed activation that proves, using live heart-rhythm data, that being close to your dog is healthy for us as human beings. We discovered that the bond shared between human and dog is so close, that our hearts will align with one another - two completely separate species sharing one healthy heart-rhythm.   

Creative Execution

We launched Hearts Aligned on World Health Day, starting a conversation about the good dogs bring out in us. Our film struck a chord with the current psyche of Australians and the world. We engaged with our audience on social media, telling real stories of the good that dogs have brought out in their owners. Encouraging people to tell their own stories, we created a simple #HeartsAligned donation mechanic that raised money for PetRescue.com.au, a charity organisation that helps find lost or abandoned pets a loving new home. This enabled our audience to give back to the thing that has made their lives so much better - dogs.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

The data we revealed directly impacted the consumer in a profound way, showing the unique bond they share with their dog using real-time data. The data proved that the bond shared between human and pet is much stronger than they thought, and had dog owners thinking about their dogs in an entirely new way. The film had over 3 million views, and was watched across the globe. Hearts Aligned was featured in over 100 major local and worldwide media outlets. From mainstream publications like the Herald Sun to online global news outlets like Huffington Post and Mashable. Traffic to Pedigree.com.au went up 1260% from social referrals during the launch period, which had been reskinned for this campaign, which then saw 10% of traffic continue on to Pet Rescue (our charity partner). The website bounce rate was halved and time spent on the site was tripled.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Hearts Aligned is an eye-opening filmed activation that measured the real-time heart-rhythms of owners and their dogs.

Dog owners feel a closeness to their dog, but the truth is they’re even closer to them than they ever thought possible. We wanted our audience to have a new and profound appreciation for their pets, and put Pedigree top-of-mind when purchasing products for their dog. By using the real-time data from dog owners and their pets, we were able to prove to the world that dogs really do, at a physiological level, bring out the good in us.


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