Product / ServiceSMIRNOFF ICE
CategoryB04. Use of Ambient Media: Small Scale
Production ONION Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Jon King Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokhyo Executive Creative Director
Toshiji Kimura Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokhyo Chief Producer
Tomonori Oki Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokhyo Technical Director/Producer
Naoki Nishimura Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokhyo Creative Director
Daichi Tanaka Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokhyo Copywriter
Jun Oizumi Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokhyo Art Director
Ryuji Tokura Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokhyo Art Director
Takuro Nakajima Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokhyo Experience Designer
Hiroyuki Takahara Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokhyo Digital Account Executive
Yasunari Aoyama Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokhyo Account Director
Yoshikazu Shimano Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokhyo Account Supervisor
Hazuki Sasaki Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokhyo Account Executive
Gavin Cranston Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokhyo Group Business Director
Hitomi Baba Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokhyo Planning Director
Azusa Hatanaka Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokhyo Strategic Planner
Takumi Kubota Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokhyo Production Director
Yasutaka Ogura Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokhyo Digital Producer
Naoko Komura Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokhyo Digital Producer
Kennosuke Kawai Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokhyo Marketing Analyst
Takashi Koyama Onion Director
Jin Ito Onion Cinematographer
Takao Kuramoto Onion Film Producer
Yuki Honda Onion Production Manager
Takuro Sekiguchi Onion Production Manager

The Campaign

SMIRNOFF MASK OF SOCIABILITY. We turned the common mask to protect and hide behind – into a social lubricant. Creating 12 different original masks for Halloween, each free on a specially designed bottle of Smirnoff ICE. Halloween in Japan is more than a party. It’s a time where the normal politics of sociability are suspended. Smirnoff wanted to be a part of the fun – and fuse these cultural peculiarities together.

Creative Execution

We made 12 different masks so that people could collect the different types, thereby fueling repeat purchase. By making the on-pack incentive a mask, it enabled us to organically generate selfies as our fans started to wear them and take pictures of themselves. We spread the idea through influencers and PR media to launch the special edition bottles and masks. With the help of a Smirnoff get ready for Halloween Youtube video that highlighted the mask, we were able to further increase awareness and excitement leading to the big day.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

- Achieving a 21% increase on sales for the same period the previous year. - 1.4 Million bottles were sold out before Halloween.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

The campaign was designed as a promotional campaign executed around Halloween season and the brand’s target Millennial of both who like or do not like Halloween costume parties.

Our target audience are Japanese Millennials, 22-28, digital natives that constantly look for shareable content and entertainment. Convenience stores are the main retail they use. In order to make the brand and target audience connected and relevant, we took the Halloween as an opportunity to approach them by making the on-pack incentive a mask sold at every convenience store in Japan.