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Idea Creation J. WALTER THOMPSON Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Norman Tan J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Chief Creative Officer
SheungYan Lo J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Chairman, APAC Creative Council
Chao Zhang J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Creative Director
Chao Zhang J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Creative Director
Salome Zhang J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Creative Director
Salome Zhang J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Creative Director
George Shi J. Walter Thompson Shanghai General Manager
Selwyn Low J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Associate Creative Director
Connie Chua J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Head of Production
If Lo J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Senior TV Producer
Niuniu Niu J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Senior Art Director
Jeff Zhang J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Group Head
Ann Chen J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Account Manager
Zinan Guan / Director
Elephant Lin / Director
Taiki Sugioka / Director
Kevin Nadolny / President
Kenneth Nadolny / Vice President
Tomoko Yano / Product Design
Esther Tang / Product Design
Joe Li / Producer
Kasa / Editor
Leslie Tse / Cameraman
Konan Yuichi / Cameraman
Eri Harada / Cameraman
Takahiro Kozuka / Music
Joseph Tame/Noritake Kazusa/Toni JC Milena Bando/Shayda Alsharif / Cast

The Campaign

One thing we understand about runners is that they hate it when their running rhythm is disrupted. Yet it’s hard for them to yell at people in front because they are already breathing very hard. Actually pedestrians have no idea they are blocking the way of runners. All they need is an advanced warning and they will gladly give way. These observations inspired Runbell. Like a bicycle bell, Runbell is a device that runners can squeeze to give off a ringing sound to warn pedestrians of their oncoming presence. It is designed to be worn as a ring so that it doesn’t hinder the running motion. When you ring the bell, the path gets cleared for you the moment people turn around, and off you go as you carry on your run.

Creative Execution

Shoppers at ANTA retail outlets came across Runbell which was packaged as part of a pair of limited edition running shoes. Immediately they could relate to the problem they have always faced on the road. Additionally, we made a film to promote the product and spread it online. The objective was to get the running community to recognize that this is a real problem that resonates with them to ignite discussion and excitement.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Word of Runbell spread within the running community. Runners praised it for eliminating the biggest frustration they always face on the streets. When the promotional video launched, there were over 1 million views with about 350,000 shares. Within one week, limited edition ANTA running shoes with Runbell were sold out.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Consumers who bought the limited edition running shoes interacted with a promotional item that solves the frustration that every runner faces, in turn becoming advocates for it.

Running lovers are our target audience. Our approach is to find ways to enhance the joy of running. Therefore, we uncovered the biggest frustration they face on the road. Jostling with the crowd and pedestrians that they have to share the pathways with.