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The Campaign

‘Enter Knighton’ is an experiential in-store installation that brought our kids into the virtual reality world of Knighton and introduced them to a new way of play. It comprises of two parts: a VR Standee and a Power Up Portal. The VR Standee incorporates a built-in Google Cardboard in its design. On it, kids can take a 180 degree peek into the animated world of Knighton, where they were introduced to the 5 LEGO Nexo Knights characters and could also interact with them. The Power Up Portal is a gaming portal that utilizes a motion-tracking camera to allow kids to have their hand at slaying monsters. As they did, they earned a shield that can be saved on the existing Merlok 2.0 game mobile app. This gave them greater affinity for Nexo Knights and ensured longevity for both the game and toy.

Creative Execution

On the VR Standee, a child could freely explore Knighton in 180? views. This experience was also responsive to sight, which meant that when a kid glanced at a particular character, it reacted accordingly. The seamless gaming experience on the Power Up Portal was achieved a motion tracking camera and specially designed shield and wand controllers, each kid could select and then control a character inside the game. This game installation showcases a full 3D world, featuring the 5 Nexo Knights, an army of lava monsters, the evil Jestro and his general Burnzie. Built from scratch, the in-game models are provided with all the details kids know from the real toys. The result is a responsive game that provided 90s seconds of high-energy engagement without a hitch. To date, this work has been released in 150 Toys “R” Us and Lego concept stores across Asia Pacific.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

‘Enter Knighton’ was placed in 150 Toys “R” Us and LEGO concept stores across Asia Pacific. In Southeast Asia, Nexo Knights has exceeded targeted sales expectations by 14%. It even managed to achieve an 8% sales share of LEGO, double launch performance results of the previously launched Ninjago franchise. Within its first two months of launch, it logged a total of 25,000 interactions in stores. Stores also reported an average incremental sales increase of 50%. In addition, a study between two stores in Malaysia revealed that the store with the ‘Enter Knighton’ installation had 60% more Nexo Knights sales than the store which did not have the set installed. At the Malaysia launch event, ‘Enter Knighton’ was the station with the longest queues. It was wildly successful amongst kids, logging 14,000 interactions at the event.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

‘Enter Knighton’ is a piece of work that singlehandedly attributed a massive business outcome for LEGO APAC in 2016. Its key role in the Nexo Knights launch campaign allowed kids to build an affinity with the franchise within three months of launch. This result would be unachievable by Long Form Content alone. The use of virtual reality and gaming in an in-store installation was also a first in the toy category. This led to an increase in duration of time each kid spent in the store, ultimately helping push sales over targets, even exceeding past performances of other play themes.

‘Enter Knighton’ was released as one component of a LEGO Nexo Knights launch campaign. The campaign strategy also incorporated an out-of-home event and a digital platform, the Nexo Knights Academy. Each was designed to reach our audience differently. While the the event brought awareness to the brand, the Nexo Knights Academy provided digital activity sheets to all and sustained interest. The ‘Enter Knighton’ retailtainment units effectively led to sales conversions from trial to purchase. As we immersed kids in the virtual reality world of Knighton, we saw success with our young target audience as we incited their desire for more. ‘Enter Knighton’ created a clear path to purchase for our consumer, and also kicked off the imagination of kids and gaining their affinity to the brand.


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