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Name Company Position
KV Sridhar SapientNitro Chief Creative Officer
Rohitash Shrivastava SapientNItro Strategy
Piyush Gupta SapientNitro Creative Director
Siddharth Mehta SapientNitro Writer
Amit Thakur SapientNitro Art Director
Chandan Kumar SapientNitro Visualizer

The Campaign

We came up with an bold concept that was bound to create waves –“WE ARE LOOKING FOR TROUBLEMAKERS” – is a call to attract the curious bunch of people restless to solve business problems. The ones who are undaunted by change, challenge or convention; keen to break boundaries where creativity and technology meet to redefine, reimagine and transform an always-on world. This campaign is appeals to the curious – BOLD, DISRUPTIVE, and PROGRESSIVE. We developed an INTEGRATED COMMUNICATIONS/MEDIA PLAN to launch our campaign It is a combination of Above the Line (ATL) and Below the Line (BTL) media outreach along with a massive revamp of internal communications, office branding and leadership engagement strategy.

Creative Execution

1. Outdoor media: Branding of popular modes of transport and Billboards near densely populated IT hubs/parks. 2. Digital media: Microsite,New Sapient India career site, Films, etc. 3. Social marketing: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Glassdoor, Taboola 4. Social engagement: We will soon launch a set of business problems relevant to Sapient and the society we live in and solicit innovative, game-changing solutions. 5. Virtual: Experiential installations handcrafted by our in-house Innovation Labs. They are being previewed at our press, hiring and thought leadership events. 6. Public Relations: Within first week of launch leading publications like Economic Times, Times of India, NDTV, People Matters,, Digit, Afaqs featured stories on our campaign. 7. Internal Communication: Our leaders used blogs as a way of connecting. 8. Physical: Office Branding, Interview Areas have been redone to suit our new tonality and bring alive our brand promise. 9. Experience: Reimagined for Candidates, Referrers, and Sapient People.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

• 25+ FEATURES RECOGNITION FROM INDIAN AND GLOBAL MEDIA • Featured as Best Case Study at the World Employer Branding Day Conference. • Featured as Top 3 in People Matters TA Leadership League Awards 2016 • 5 crore impressions; 30,000 shares on social • 4.5 lakh Video views • 151,251 Page Views on ; 32,558 Unique Visitors • 8777 Troublemakers quiz takers • 4X applicants since last year, 64% inbound hires • 2X referrals, 35% referral hires • Troubleshoot challenge 642 registrations; 112 idea submissions in 3 weeks • During our recent Employer Value Proposition survey, o 94% of survey respondents agreed they were “working for one of the most reputed brands in digital.” • 81% of our candidates surveyed say they would recommend Sapient to their friends and colleagues

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

We truly brought Sapient to life through this campaign. We inspired people all over India to learn about the campaign, about available positions, about our growing company and most importantly inspired them to cause a little trouble. This integrated campaign was truly led by our promotions via a myriad of media. Consumers (or troublemakers) were able to engaged in every step of the way.

We needed a solution that was sustainable and impactful. We chose to invest both in brand advertising and strengthening our hiring teams. To make it impactful we commissioned a candidate, internal research using Employer Branding and strategy teams and social profiling we realized that were still known for the ‘old’ Sapient and not the ‘new’ Sapient we had morphed into! This advertising campaign therefore aimed to address the complete spectrum of talent management at Sapient. It would play a crucial role in – attracting, engaging, and retaining our preferred talent. We clearly articulated traits that will make talent succeed in the ‘new’ Sapient – the disruptor or innovator who can challenge the status quo, invent or innovate, transform clients, adapt to change and redefine them while having fun at work and giving back to the society. We clearly wanted to attract well-rounded personalities with a drive to reimagine the world.


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