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CategoryB06. Use of Customer in-Store Experience
Idea Creation ISOBAR CHINA GROUP Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Tim Doherty Isobar China group Chief Creative Officer

The Campaign

The creative idea was ‘Taste the movies’. People watched movie trailers in a VR environment and their emotional response to the movies was measured by monitoring their brain activity. This analysis was the basis for a recommendation on the perfect Coca-Cola freestyle flavor combination to match their movie preferences and emotional responses.

Creative Execution

The hardware solution was a headset that combined VR viewing capability with brain sensing technology, which was christened BVRAIN. Moviegoers watched movie trailers sitting in a futuristic pod seat in a Coca-Cola branded environment. The brain scanning results were shown on screens that were incorporated into the installation to maintain the interest of other moviegoers nearby. Once people had completed the experience they could scan a QR code to receive their perfect recipe in the social messaging platform We Chat, where they could easily share it with their friends.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Wanda Cinemas deployed the BVRAIN experience in key cinema locations in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou at the end of April 2016. In the month since the installation over 90% of the people who took part in the BVRAIN experience went on to buy the recommended Coca-Cola product. Over 6,000 individual servings were sold within the first month. 15% of the people that took part in the BVRAIN experience shared the results in social, which is 382% higher than the average sharing rate of H5 campaign content in We Chat (Source : Tencent). At the time of writing Coca-Cola China is in active discussion with Wanda Cinemas about rolling out the BVRAIN experience across the wider Wanda estate.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

The whole campaign was conceived as an activation for the Coca-Cola ‘freestyle’ drinks machine.

The strategy was grounded in personalization. Rather than talking about 27 different flavor combinations, the focus was placed on how the freestyle machine could mix the perfect drink combination for each moviegoer. The product was linked directly to the movie experience, so moviegoers had a relevant reason to spend a few minutes longer in the Wanda cinema foyer and were directed towards a Coca-Cola product that felt personal to them.


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