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Product / ServiceTOUCHABLE INK
CategoryA02. Durable Consumer Goods


Name Company Position
Matt Eastwood J.Walter Thompson New York Global Chief Creative Officer
Lo Sheung Yan J.Walter Thompson Shanghai Chairman, APAC Creative Council
Satit Jantawiwat J.Walter Thompson Bangkok Chief Creative Officer
Parattajariya Jalayanateja J.Walter Thompson Bangkok Managing Director
Supachai Toemtechatpong J.Walter Thompson Bangkok Creative Director
Nopharit Dusadeedumkoeng J.Walter Thompson Bangkok Associate Creative Director
Charnpanu Suchaxaya J.Walter Thompson Bangkok Art Director
Hansa Wongsiripitack J.Walter Thompson Bangkok SEA Director of Digital
Pakrudee Yongsuvimol J.Walter Thompson Bangkok Brand Team Leader
Bhasit Pattanapan J.Walter Thompson Bangkok Group Account Director
Ponpat Rachatamutha J.Walter Thompson Bangkok Project Manager
Prin Thanapisitikul J.Walter Thompson Bangkok Communication Planner
Pichet Rujivararat J.Walter Thompson Bangkok Graphic Designer
Ronnatouch Pomee J.Walter Thompson Bangkok Digital Technology Manager
Jiraporn Channawach J.Walter Thompson Bangkok Agency Producer
Panrutai Amattayakul J.Walter Thompson Bangkok Secretary to CCO
Nattianan Vanichchanant J.Walter Thompson Bangkok Head of PR
Pinjavee Rienmora J.Walter Thompson Bangkok PR Executive
Pen-ek Ratanaruang The Film Factory Ltd. Director
Rewat Vorarat The Film Factory Ltd. Executive Producer
Phuangphaka Rutimanon The Film Factory Ltd. Producer
Nittaya Tanprasitwat The Film Factory Ltd. Editor
Chankit Chamnivikaipong The Film Factory Ltd. Director of Photography
Arthur Lam The Post Bangkok Colorist
Chattawat Eaumkeb Wild At Heart Co., Ltd. Sound Designer
Kanin Upanun Wild At Heart Co., Ltd. Audio Engineer
Amornbhong Methakunvudh Wild At Heart Co., Ltd. Music Producer
Patthamon Pongchaiprasert Wild At Heart Co., Ltd. Music Arranger

The Campaign

Turn the normal laser printer to be braille-embossed printer and make the blind people be able to print braille documents by themselves and read at home with no limitation. To make this happen, Touchable Ink, the world-first printing ink invented exclusively for blind people is the game changer.

Creative Execution

Samsung, the Chemistry professor from Thammasat University and Thailand Association of the Blind are collaborating to research, develop and have come up with innovative solution called “Touchable Ink” by adding embossing powder to the laser printing ink through chemical process. The users just simply replace the Touchable Ink cartridge to the current one, change the selected document to braille font type, print out and heat it with normal household heating devices like microwave or hair dryer. This special link will dilate and give an embossed effect, just like it’s printed out from the braille embosser and allow the blind people to be able to read by their fingers. We are now at the beginning of the journey, working hard is still in progress but we never stop and aim to complete it to give the life opportunity to all blind people.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

The first testing session on printed papers with touchable ink have been done with the visually impaired samplings at 19th Thailand Association of Blind seminar event. The result is 100% readable. All of them can read it. With this innovation, they said it will help improve their quality of living since they can be independent and live on their own freely, no need to wait for help from others. However, this is just the very beginning of the journey. We aim to develop and release it out to market as soon as possible. We hope it will significantly revolutionize how Braille text and drawings are produced when it’s no longer needed the expensive machine and paper and allow everyone to be able to access freely.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

In Thailand, the visually impaired have been usually perceived to be incompetent. In fact, they have their own strength and ability to do, learn and create many things by themselves. They just need little help. The first launch of Touchable Ink we show printed paper with touchable ink at 19th Thailand Association of Blind Seminar. The result is 100% readable. With this innovation, it will help improve their quality of living since they can be independent and live on their own. The Touchable Ink can make significant change and also enhance the image of corporate brand at the same time.

Samsung, as the leading company in Consumer Electronics & Innovation in the world, what we always do is to make things that can change the better living for people in the society under our belief “Accelerating Discoveries and Possibilities”. Touchable Ink is not just an advertising message but it’s a key for visually impaired people to unlock their barrier and free their visualization to be able to read and learn the world by themselves.


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