CategoryA01. Fast Moving Consumer Goods
EntrantMEDIACOM Shanghai, CHINA
Idea Creation 2 KONGMING Beijing, CHINA
Idea Creation 3 BBDO CHINA Beijing, CHINA
Idea Creation MEDIACOM Beijing, CHINA
Production KONGMING Beijing, CHINA
Production 2 BBDO CHINA Beijing, CHINA


Name Company Position
Rachel Yan MediaCom Business Director
Will Song MediaCom Digital Manager
Izzy Chen MediaCom Digital Supervisor
Darren Qiu MediaCom Planning Manager
Sherie Chua BBDO Group Account Director
Howard Mok BBDO Deputy Executive Creative Director
Eiska Zhou BBDO Senior Account Executive
Clementine Yang BBDO and Proximity China Account Executive

The Campaign

We hijacked Snacking occasions among students during their stressful exam prep season. By creating a product format that contained space for full size bars and smaller sharing bars, we were able to better facilitate their opportunities to share Snacks. This not only brought students together, allowing them to relax and socialize during a stressful time, but also gave us the chance to increase the number of Snacking occasions and therefore total overall consumption volume.

Creative Execution

The box has two parts: firstly, a lid, containing full size (51g) bars, which we called “Me Bars”; to provide students with energy during the study season. Secondly, a ‘bucket’ in the core, filled with smaller “We Bars”, for sharing with their friends – thereby helping students to overcome loneliness during this time. To make the boxes even more enticing, we partnered with hot boy band ‘TFBoys’ to act as ambassadors – appearing individually on the boxes to create a collectable set, in engaging online video content, and instore on promotional materials to capture parent and student shopper attention. Students could also gain access to a special exam community online, created in partnership with Tencent, where they could connect with millions of buddies all over China.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

The specially-designed sharing box helped drive 192% offtake growth online vs last year, and saw a 0.4%+ value share increase in April. We also saw a 76%+ growth of the 51g bar in Walmart during the campaign vs last year, helped by the in-store promotions. Our engaging online content achieved 190m video views - 261% more than the planned goal – with 57% of those Earned rather than Paid. Monitoring social listening online, ‘Snickers’ and ‘Exam’ co-mentions went from #8 to #1 among all Snack and Beverage brands.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

By creating a new and innovative product format, we were able to meet a specific need of lonely Chinese students during their exam preparation season. The new format helped drive unprecedented offtake growth both online and instore, plus, once the special format was purchased, students also had access to a special online Snickers exam community – a fun, social environment where they could connect with millions of buddies around China.

The exam season is an incredibly important and stressful time for both parents and students alike, with 18-hour study days for students for up to six months beforehand. Parents play a key role in ensuring their child’s energy needs are met to ensure the best chance of success. One way of doing this is providing Snacks several times a day for home and school. Students also have to deal with a long period of loneliness, as their study hours means their social life disappears. Their chance to get together face to face with friends is restricted to during school breaks, where Snacking, and sharing Snacks, facilitates the chance to relax and socialize. So by creating this product format we could help parents stay on top of their child’s individual energy needs and also help facilitate students’ socializing.


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