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YK Kim Space Monster Contents Director
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Jongkwan Kim Space Monster Contents D.O.P

The Campaign

We thought that, because the true value of JOY, which is the core of the brand, stems from the emotional domain through the experience, in order to deliver the value of BMW, as the clear and definite true nature, to the consumers, the experiences of seeing and touching are needed. And I judged that the children of the present are the protagonists who will live in the 100 years of the future which are promised by BMW and that they are the main agents who possess the pure minds and the hopes directed towards the dreams. So, among the children, who are the biggest potential customers who can implant the good awareness regarding the brand, we found the children who like cars and who have the dreams regarding cars.

Creative Execution

In order to make the protagonist of the experience and all of the general public sympathize with the dream regarding cars and driving, the advanced before the filming was necessary. In the blind spots of the car, there were the remodeling into the optimal form in which a stunt driver drives the car instead. It was made so that there was the feeling of the child riding on the driver’s seat of this remodeled BMW car actually driving. By inviting the children to the Driving Center of BMW, the opportunity for the children who were delighted while seeing the diverse models exhibited to directly drive was proposed. They were made to experience driving while listening to the manipulation methods for the driving and the instructions through the walkie-talkie with the tense appearances. The children thought that they were actually driving.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

BMW’s campaign was on air with the title < The world’s youngest BMW driver is born- ‘the first drive’>. With the diffusion as the viral contents in the various kinds of video platforms and communities, including YouTube, Facebook, etc., it has surpassed 3.2 million views within only 1 week. Also, because around 4,300 cases of the sharing of the SNS’s have been taking place, the many diffusion contents have been continuing to be produced even now. Especially, the consumers who saw the moments of the realizations of the dreams of the children who love cars showed the reactions, including “I smile without my knowing it,” “The children look really delighted,” etc. Therefore, it was possible to find out that BMW’s JOY was experienced together through the images.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

The year 2016 is the 100th year anniversary of the foundation of BMW by Franz Josef Popp in 1916. In the past 100 years, BMW has been communicating the JOY, which is the core of the brand, to the consumers. By going beyond the pleasure of simple driving, this JOY was the value of the brand which involved a lot of the meanings, including the shudders, the thrills, the exhilaration, the fun, the laughter, etc., while the consumers were spending the time together with BMW.

In order to formulate a strategy which can be sympathized by the ordinary consumers while realizing the dream regarding self-driving that has been possessed by the children who love cars, we intended to deliver together the emotions of a child whose dream has been realized by having a child called “Kim, Geon”, who had become famous as a gifted person regarding cars among the consumers through the famous show programs in Korea, as the representative model. This child was called “a car gifted” and was an appropriate figure who actually had the strong interest in cars while being a child who had the public level of awareness.


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